Sunday, April 2, 2017

My workbench: A squad of the worm-like Aruk from Black Hat miniatures

I don't like worms to be honest.. When it rains, they come out and that smell associated with them makes me want to vomit.

However, they make for bizarre-looking aliens. A couple of years ago, I painted up a squad of the Aruk, the worm-like aliens of Black Hat Miniature's Cobalt-1 series. No idea what Cobalt-1 is about, but still bought the pack from them.

I painted the soft brown worm-skin against blue-coloured armour and it worked.  You can still vote for them on Coolmini here, if you want.

I recently bought another pack of them, a squad of 8, and decided to paint them up again..

I've been working a lot lately, so I was looking for shortcuts to paint these bad-boys. I decided to put camouflage on them to cut back on time.. The great thing about camouflage is that is allows you to bypass shading and highlighting for the most part.. It's pointless, as no one will see the shade and highlight from 3 feet away on the table as the camouflage pattern disrupts it..

I liked the blue vs puke-brown contrast from my first attempt, and decided on blue camouflage, even though the U.S. Navy is getting rid of their blue camouflage "blueberry" pattern.

Most of the varieties of blue camouflage seems to be a mix of dark dark blue, then blue, then light blue with dashes of white..

After that, bit by bit after work, I finished off these guys.. I put them on "sandy" bases as if they are on a beach, to keep with the nautical camouflage.

An up close shot of the camo: