Sunday, April 9, 2017

My workbench: Quick rebasing of some kitbashed fantasy terrain..

I've been kitbashing some fantasy terrain for my Frostgrave terrain (as for example, here), but I haven't been pleased to see that some of the cheap wooden boards I put my kitbashing on have been warping, as this piece demonstrates.

So, I've broken apart some of my kitbashed terrain and rebased them on old CD/DVDs I bought at the dollar store to be used as LOS blockers in the future.

I put clay on the CDs and stuck various bits on them.

After that, just painted the dried up clay..  They look good enough, and modular enough to plunk wherever on future tabletop battlefields..

A quick job but needed to be done.


  1. Sweet! As the Marine Corp and modelers' motto instructs us: Adapt, improvise and overcome. You did.