Sunday, February 26, 2017

Solitaire Play: Star Wars Clone Trooper vs Stargate Jaffa gladiator fight

I once did in an inter-dimensional Gamesters of Triskelion gladiator fight as I love the dimensional travel genre and I like the idea of using my minis from different gameverses.

The arena unfortunately had to be re-built for this gladiator fight. To see how it was made, please click here

Like last time, I will use the Red Sand Black Moon rules from Two-Hour Wargames, as the rules are ideally suited for solitaire play.

In this fight, we have a Clone Trooper vs a Jaffa..

  This gladiator match, dear reader, is dedicated to Kloog, who touched all our hearts...

His incoherent grunts and sadistic use of the whip entertained the Providers for many years until he fell in the arena.


Living forever has it's drawbacks. Namely boredom.

Surrounded by just lesser humanoids, the Providers are constantly looking for diversion.

Stretching out with their vast intellect and power from the planet Triskelion, the Providers search time, space and through the multiverse, the infinite parallel dimensions, looking for potential thralls, to fight off the endless boredom.

A provider came upon, in his vast calculations, these armoured humanoids, who appear to be clones fighting some galactic war against machines. As per the usual practice, he abducted three specimens from their home dimension..

and instructed Galt to train one of them in the net, and the others with the usual sword..

Another provider came upon another type of interesting humanoid called a Jaffa that have another sentient entity inside of their bodies, a sentient worm-like creature whom the humanoid will eventually consider it's deity. The worm-like creature can bestow regeneration to some extent on the Jaffa. The Provider wondered how that will fare in the arena and accordingly, three specimens were abducted from their home dimension. Already adept with the use of their staff weapon, Galt was instructed to let them continue to use it, but without any energy for the staff blast.

The beings trained hard, and were now ready for a half-distraction fight. It has been decided to try out the net and spear user vs a Jaffa armed with his staff weapon/ quarterstaff.

The Providers wagered just a single Quatloo on each on their specimen picks, while the third, merely observed.

It was hardly an exciting match with just 1 to 2 Quatloos at stake, but it should prove a distraction for the morning.

Overhearing the talk between the two soon-to-be rivals, a Provider noted that both the Jaffa and the Clone were eager to prove themselves.

The Provider was amused that the Jaffa transferred his deity-worship to himself and the other Providers. It rarely happens with space-faring humanoids, but sometimes it does, as this Jaffa demonstrates.

The Clone Trooper seems also to prove himself to get back to whatever war and Republic he was fighting back in his dimension. Of course, he never will.

 The Clone seemed excited by the match and was undaunted when the Drill Thrall Shahna told him

that he may one day prove himself, but for now as a novice, he must fight at dawn with the other dregs.

They line up on the arena in the morning's first light..  

 The Jaffa activates his armour, and protects his head with a serpent-type of helmet. 

The Provider notes that it will be two opponents both fully clad in their primitive armor.  Two barbarian humanoids filled with lots of strange ways and techniques! 

[cue music]


I didn't think the Jaffa would win, but his higher strength hurt when he connected. Bad rolls too for the Clone Trooper.. could not catch a break. 

As I said, I enjoy the inter-dimensional genre and this Gamester of Triskelion campaign scratches that itch for me. I could put anything vs anything I want.. An Andorian with an axe vs a magic Vampire ... a space Orc vs a 17th Century Pirate... The Providers don't care.. they just want to be entertained like myself. 

I got these Clone Troopers from the dollar bin and were pretty easy to convert.. I greenstuffed the net pretty easy after cutting off his blaster pistol.

I also converted some other el-cheapo sci-fi plastics, which is fun in itself. I will paint them up soon enough.

Anyways, an enjoyable system. Thumbs up!

My workbench: Scratchbuilding another Star Trek Gamesters of Triskelion arena

For the gladiator fight that arose from building this terrain, please click here

I wanted to get back into some solitaire play with my inter-dimensional Gamesters of Triskelion campaign.. the premise being that the Triskelion Providers/Gamesters pluck thralls from across dimensions for their continued amusement.

I played it once before..

..only, I don't have that terrain anymore, so I decided to build another.

The first question is, what colour is the arena, green or blue, as there is a discrepancy and I couldn't remember why I chose blue last time.

Watching the episode again, in the final fight, Captain Kirk is instructed not to step in the blue area..

So, blue it is.

I painted a board yellow. Then, I traced out the shapes on cardboard first, cut them out, and then traced the shapes on the yellow..

Last time, I didn't notice that the triangle in the centre is not pointing directly to the top, but at about 11 o'clock..

So, I made mine about 11 o'clock as well.

After tracing out the shapes, I then taped it for spray-painting....

The Triskelion arena has these white benches, so I took some old cavalry bases and glued wooden blocks from the dollar store underneath, and then later painted them white.

I added some blood splatter, then worked on the "frame" of the arena, using these plasticard strips...

 I painted them brown and added some greenstuff at the bottom before securing them.

I must have measured one of the frames wrong, and it is sticking out on the left..

However, I planned to put something there to hide it, like spare shields to cover it.

I added the benches..

 and finally, covered up that corner with some equipment.

and I'm done..

I still prefer my original arena, but this is good enough..

I'm using the Red Sand, Blue Moon rules as it's ideal for gladiator solitaire-play, but it has a grid in it's arena.

I might use a variety of gladiator rules, so I don't want to permanently make my terrain just for RSBM. So, like last time, I took some see-through acrylic paper and drew the grid in, which I'll then overlay on the arena.

And that's it.. May the s.s.s.s.s.s.s.slaughter begin..