Friday, November 25, 2016

Unboxing the new 2016 Blood Bowl and Death Zone Season 1 expansion booklet

I have the old Blood Bowl of course, and played a game (however frustrating) with my painted team in May (as discussed here).

Still, I got the new Blood Bowl today as I enjoy the premise of the game.

First thing I see is this gray sprue which at the moment, I can't identify what is on it..  Perhaps a turn or score marker.

The Orc sculpts seem a bit busier than usual, probably influenced by the ostentatious Sigmar crap..

Human team looks good. It's too bad I already have a human painted team, but who is to say you can't have human vs human games.

 I can't identify at the moment what the big glove is for. Maybe a score marker of some kind.

Huge GW advertising insert..

The rule book. I am told it's unchanged from the Living Rules..

Nice card stock for the players.

Bases of course.


Really thick folded up board. A lot sturdier than the old version it seems..

The board measures 36 x 21 inches and has two different pitches, one green, one sand.

Nice large card stock for your team management..

Neat.. Decals for the players..

The Season 1 expansion, like the rule book, is on glossy paper with nice art.

Table of contents looks interesting.. Skaven, Nurgle, Dwarf, etc, teams.. and new official rules. I wonder if they are modifying the Living Rules?  Time will tell.

Glad they brought this beloved classic game back! Is GW finally getting it?