Sunday, November 6, 2016

My workbench: Post-apoc'ing kids toy buildings for suitable 28mm play

I've been frantically building up some post-apoc terrain lately, such as these mdf buildings (discussed here)

these Mantic brick buildings (as discussed here)

this plastcard building (as discussed here)

and finally these kitbashed modular rubble and los-blockers (as discussed here)

I think I'm ready to move on as I got enough now to play Terminator and some Zombie games, but I had this 1970s playskool McDonald's building come in from ebay the other day, so I decided to dirty it up, along with..

  ... this kid's toy garage 'SOS station" set that is good for 28mm play.

The back of the McDonald's building looks a bit kiddy, so I decided to add some rubble and blacken it out. The rest of the building I just dirtied up quickly.

I added a plasticard roof which will be "rusted up" a bit..

As for the garage, it was simply a matter of removing the walkie-talkie junk and putting some plasticard on top and then dirtying it up.

I just pushed up from the inside and the walkie-talkie thing just popped out..


I might add some pizzaz on the garage later, like a sign or something, but it's fine the way it is and for what it is intended for.

All in all, it took about 1 to 1.5 hours for both buildings to do. Quick and easy. 

I've done a lot of post-apoc work lately and am glad it's over and ready to move on to new projects.


  1. Great work on the Post Apocalypse terrain:) Keep up the Great post:) Grey in Va.