Saturday, September 10, 2016

Frostgrave cooperative Dark Alchemy campaign.. Part the Third

After my friend Jeff and I found some great terrain deals at a local pet store (as discussed here), we went back to his place and continued on with the Dark Alchemy campaign in Frostgrave today, in the 3rd and last of this campaign's scenarios on this rainy Saturday.

For a recap, please see part 1 & 2, here.

In this third cooperative scenario, The Spreading Flames, my heroic and gallant warband and Jeff's gang of criminal scum and outlaws continue to team up for plunder and glory. After this scenario, we will go back to cutting each other's throats and gutting each other like a fish as we search for Frostrgrave glory.. But for now, it's all peace and love between our warbands.

In this scenario, we have ten turns to go into this area, grab some treasure, and exit on one of the four sides before it all goes Kaboom. Anyone remaining when this happens will get killed.

The appendix at the end of this post and/or the Frostgrave Logbook has a record of the rolls and what happened as I kept a running record for all ten turns.

Facing us were these fireflinger monsters, as depicted by the yellow skeleton figure we used on the right. 

These fireflingers have a ranged attack, so we had to consider that in our fight.

Like the other two scenarios, we had to pick three men each, so I chose instead my apprentice Aggron, my Man-At-Arms Fogerty and my Crossbowman Crawford.

We started off on what we designated the South side and headed North.

None of the fireflingers for the most part could see us where we were for some time.. At least on my East side, though Jeff was using an elemental bolt spell on one of them on the West side early on..

 I was relatively safe for the first couple of turns as my guys ducked into an alley on the East side.

Jeff somehow picked up a treasure token pretty quick on the West side, but generated 2 rat monsters on my East side.

Luckily, we agreed to pool any experience from captured treasure, though experience for casting spells and killing monsters were still seperate.

I was starting to find that the random movements of the monsters, which we used a d12 in a random o'clock procedure, started to drift Eastward, toward me..

Jeff, like scenario 1 and 2 it seems, was going to have a cake walk again, while I was going to have to slug it out.

Anyways, there was a treasure token inside a building beside the alley my guys were right beside, so I got into it, even though a fireflinger was in the next room.

I positioned my Man-At-Arms Fogerty in the door between us and the fireflinger to block any attacks against my apprentice. 

My crossbowman picked up the treasure in the corner, and luckily did not generate a new monster. My Man-At-Arms gets a hit though and suffers 2 points of damage.

We looked and looked and determined that the other fireflinger standing outside could not see any of my team in the building. No LOS. 

We exchange projectiles at each other, my apprentice and crossbowman vs the fireflinger, but we failed to finish it off.  We did wound it though, so next turn, I had a slightly wounded Fogerty close-in with his axe to explain the situation to the fireflinger creature.

Horror of horrors though, I roll a 6 with all modifiers vs the Monster's adjusted roll of 22. The creature inflicts 10 points of damage on Fogerty and knocks him out of the fight.

Meanwhile Jeff la-dee-da on the West side all this time picked up two more treasure tokens with hardly any resistance.. His three to my one treasure token, and my one death.

Anyways, we eventually killed that Fireflinger but there was another Fireflinger just outside, and I climb that wall for some Bone Dart magic.

My Bone Dart rolls were successful, but I couldn't finish off that fireflinger..

To make matters worse, the rats spotted me and headed to my direction. I had no choice but to bring my crossbowman closer to the rats to head them off.

My crossbowman managed to kill one at range, but the other got closer and we fought it out.

In turns 5 through 8, Jeff was destroying all in his way and nabbed more treasure, but I was still fighting in the same building I was in.

In fact, he was now heading East to pick up "my" treasure on my side as he was relatively untouched.

After killing that rat, my crossbowman climbed up on a fallen obelisk to help my apprentice who still could not finish off that fireflinger..

My apprentice was taking a beating, as I often had to use up health points to boost up my spells. I eventually got to a low of four health and couldn't risk him being up on that wall any longer, as other fireflingers could now spot him.

I had to beat a retreat, even though there was a second treasure about 6 inches away and had both my guys jump down.  There was no way, by turn 8, I was going to go 6 inches, nab the treasure, and get past two fireflingers, climb over the obelisk (costing me extra movement) and leave by the Easternmost side before turn 10.

By turn 9, I was stunned to find my crossbowman got killed as well, picked off by a firfelinger to his left..

This just left just my apprentice, but luckily he was around the corner and the other fireflinger could not see him.

Jeff picked up another treasure unmolested..

His team exited..and so did I, ending the scenario.

He picked up six treasure tokens to my one, but like I said, we agreed to share in the experience for  capture treasure.

Overall, I got 200 experience points and leveled up to level 6. I did not get too much gold, but nabbed 3 potions and 1 scroll.

1) Potion of Firebreath
2) Potion of Preservation
3) Explosive cocktail.

and the Scroll of Willpower.

I leveled up two levels so I chose to improve my HT, and to improve my Wall Spell. I painted up these two walls of water into magical energy "walls" awhile ago and would like to use them sometime.

Luckily, both my Man-At-Arms and Crossbowman made their survival rolls and are both unharmed.

The Dark Alchemy campaign was over. I added up my gold over the 3 scenarios and sold some potions, for a total of 960 gold coins. I used them to buy 2 Fate Stones, 1 teleporter ring and 1 potion of healing.

I also decided on a Library lair for my warband and per the rules, could roll every turn to see if I got a free scroll, which I did when I rolled a 19.

Scenario 3 was not as tough as Scenario 2, but also less than fruitful for me as I only had 10 turns and couldn't get very far.

I believe next time, we will do one of the official Golem scenarios.

Good session today.

Pet Stores have great terrain.. painted and relatively cheap

Just before my buddy Jeff and I were to play today, we dropped by a major Pet Store chain to take a look at their aquarium and lizard "terrain."

We've found that there is often great stuff that can be found cheaply, painted and mostly lightweight. It's long been known in wargamer circles that pet stores are great.

A lot of stuff is not suitable for 25-28mm, but then again, a lot of it is..

I was taken aback as I couldn't believe this Maya painted pyramid was going for $9.47!

So I bought. As you can see beside a 28mm comparison figure, it's perfect.. Large, light and painted..

It's pretty big when you put the figure on it.

If this step pyramid was a GW affair, it would have cost me $80 and I would have to assemble and paint it.  Now for under $10, its one-piece and perfectly painted.

Also, for about $9.47, I picked up a Maya head that can be placed on top of the pyramid, or as a standalone as the entrance to a temple.

I bought some other rocky outposts for cheap as well.. All good for 25-28mm

If I ever have a need for tropical terrain, these pet stores often have plastic aquarium plants that look very suitable for the jungle as well..

All in all, a good cheap find today, terrain-wise.

Monday, September 5, 2016

My workbench: Quick scratchbuild of a snake statue debris field for 28mm

The dollar store had this toy snake that was lifelike for like $3. It gave me the creeps handling it even thought it was cheap plastic as I hate snakes, but nevertheless I bought it.

I've been creating a lot of scratchbuilt fantasy terrain for Frostgrave lately (as discussed here) and I'm always on the lookout for weird LOS blockers as I'm tired of building-skeleton ruins. This monument for instance, is one of 7 quick quick terrain pieces I recently built.

Anyways, on this slow Labour Day evening with nothing to do, I quickly built a debris field with the idea of a huge fallen snake sculpture in ruins for our gallant Frostgrave heroes to hide behind.

I should have taken a picture of the snake toy to show you before I sawed it off, but like I said it creeped me out even holding it. I really have a huge fear of those disgusting creatures.

I found out the inside was hollow...

I primed the pieces black and stuffed clay on the ends to give it that appearance of carved stone.

After that, I painted the pieces grey, and then I mounted them on a board I made with drawer liner earlier that I was not satisfied with and thus there were some excess glue from a previous failed project. It's okay though as it just adds to the ruins ambience once I dirtied it up a bit.  I will dirty it up slightly more in the future to hide greenish carpenter glue bits in the near future.

In the meantime, I used styrofoam that I cut into blocks and lined up the fallen statue..

I stood the cobra head up by leaning it on a smaller piece so I can have players hide behind such a weird LOS blocker on purpose.

I used milliput to make fantastical writing on one of the styrofoam blocks. 

Even before the greenstuff cured, I painted it and the other styrofoam brown just to make it look different than the snake fallen statue.  I put in some "dust" in some of the areas to hide my glueing blemishes.

And voila,.. it took me less than 2 hours as I was watching YouTube documentaries..

Good enough for tabletop play.

My workbench: Part 2/ 2 Scratchbuilding/ Kitbashing mostly fantasy terrain (25-28mm)

Please see part 1 for the scratchbuilding..

In this part 2, I finish these off by painting them.

I deliberately overdid it in most of the following pieces in white highlight just for the learning experience and to see what I can get away with. At 3 feet away while playing, you can still see the highlights on the terrain, so I think overall the highlighs are fine on all of them.

1. The Great Eye..

The brickwork underneath was easy to paint with black, grey and white. However, I initially struggled with what to paint the "eyeball" but just decided on of off-colour white and some grey.



The grey shading in the center of the eyeball makes it look like it was chiseled in or cut out of the rock. 


2. The Fantasy Hero of long ago..

 I did the statue part first. 

and then the tiles. 


3. The Broken Eagle..

I was going to flock this with sand, but then decided to just paint it to look like dirt.


I used ink and water to shade the dirt in the hollows and crevices, and then highlighted the top parts. 



Another picture under softer lights..

4. The Concentric Rings




5. The Snake and Cat Ruin


The ruined ball where the sabertooth head was on was not working, so I replaced it with an undamaged styrofoam ball. 

After I painted it, I realized there was something missing to make it look like a building facade, so I greenstuffed some bricks and added a fantasy window sill. 

The window sill looks a bit striking now, and so I kept this orange-brown coloured brickwork. 


6. The Raven Ruin..

I painted the base where the legs were in brown, but decided afterwards to go with all grey. 



  7. The Nose ruin..

 I painted the ruined blocks to look like the colour of the nose rubble. 

 A better picture in softer lights to highlight the highlights.


And that's it. I plan to do more "dollar store" terrain just for the experience of it. This stuff will not win Golden Demons, but it is good enough for tabletop play.