Monday, September 28, 2015

Annoying errata and update for DVG's Tiger Leader

Tonight, I finally got around to cracking open Tiger Leader, a solitaire campaign game where you take the role of a German tank battalion C.O. and such.

I have Uboat Leader, from the same company, DVG, which I greatly enjoyed and played, and will do so soon again.

I went to BGG on a whim, and lo and behold, I find this game has a major update, and change of some rules and replacement counters for the allied troops and replacement cards for the German troops.

This is not the usual errata but a significant update with lots of counters and cards to replace.... what the hell?.. this game came out this year. 

Are you f&%$#ing kidding me?

They promise reprinting the update in Q4 or Q1 2016, but you have to pay the shipping to get it. Otherwise, you have to play the sap now and have these printed out on card stock (which also costs money), and then spend an hour or two like a moron with scissors cutting all this stuff out.

Very, very, annoying, from a company that otherwise has fine solitaire games. Smacks of the bullshit computer game companies used to do by rushing games out for Xmas, then give lame ass patch files in January and February.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Solitaire Play: The Hunters campaign September 1941 Part 4

Please see part 3 for the previous patrol.

I refitted for two months and am ready to start to my next patrol in June 1941. My assignment is the Atlantic, which is a change from the last couple of patrols in the British Isles.

I load up on torpedoes and put the G7a steam torpedoes as my opening torpedoes in my tubes, as well as 10 points of deck gun ammo.

In the Bay of Biscay, I encounter nothing.

In the transit zone to the Atlantic, I encounter nothing.

In the Atlantic, I encounter a convoy at Night. I decide to do a night surface attack and target 4 ships:

Large Freighter  7,500 tons, the Empire Hudson (no photo)
Tanker 7,600 tons, the Havbor  (no photo)
Small Freighter, 1,300 tons, the Erato 

and the 

Large Freighter   7,100 tons, the Santore (no photo)

Will attack at Close range attacking the Empire Hudson, the Havbor and the Santore. I will ignore the small freighter Erato.

I load up tubes 1 thru 5 with my G7a steam torpedoes.

Tube 1 and 2....los... one miss and one hit....the one that hit is not a dud thankfully enough.. Damange though is 2.. not enough to sink her.

Tube 3  and 4...los.... both hit!... and both not a dud.. but I only inflict 2 points of damage (1 point of damage each). Again, not enough to sink her. .

Tube 5 (aft) ....los... hit, not a dud.. but only 1 point of damage.

Hit or Miss?
Empire Hudson

Empire Hudson

Great, just great.. Damaged some ships, but none sank. I can't do another attack because of the escort.

5 wasted torpedoes....

Now the escorts are after me..

I'm at a disadvantage and have 3 negative modifiers against me:

1941 +1

Close Range +1

Firing Fwd/Aft +1

Yep, I am detected and suffer 3 hits as they depth charge me. 

3 Hull points hit  (1 Hull point and one double Hull point) (which means another month of refit) that cannot be repaired at sea. I also suffer Diesel Engine # 2 is damaged. Which means that I have to abort the patrol!


I move to the transit box back home, and then back to HQ.. Luckily, no air attacks despite needing to roll twice

I make it back home safely, with my patrol cut short...

Oh well..

I need to add a month for my next patrol and will go out again in December 1941.

Will be continued in Part 5

Painting: Bust of a Late Medieval Knight, 1429 Part 2

Please see Part 1

Will focus on the face for now.

White out the eyeballs, which always is a tricky thing. My eyes ain't what it used to be.

Start on the skin tone..base colours

Start shading the skin

Need to fix the eyes a bit..

Decided to yellow his teeth as this is the Middle Ages after all. Not too much Colgate toothpaste in 1429..

Will be continued in Part 3.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Solitaire Play: Space Infantry, basic scenario Part 3/3

Please see Part 2   and note I made a change to the constant chit pulling of this game 
Turn 25

I had no problems with the padlock, and head to the demolitions area. No need to make a command role for my squad leader as my Demo Specialist has a asterisk beside his Demolitions skill. Can't use Command Points on them, at least not in the basic rules. 

I pull a 6, so he makes only 2 successes (6/3 demo skill), with 1 more needed. 

Turn 24

Trying my Demo skill again.. I pull a  5. Make it!

We head to the Demo area

There is a 1/A event here, which means if I pull a 1 only, will there be a fight. I pull a 3

Nada. As quiet as a grave.
Turn 23

I head to Laboratory 3. 

I need a 3 Science succeses. All I have is 1 scientist, but his skill is 3. Hopefully, if I pull a 6, I can get 2 successes. 

I pull a 3.. 1 success

Turn 22

Try again.. I pull a 5... another success.. That is 2 successes, Just need 1 more.

Turn 21

Yes, pull a 3. That is another success and 3 successes in total. We head to the Lab.

The Lab has a 5+/B event.. I pull a 3. No event!


The lab also has a Medkit cache potentially. Per the Rules, I pull an RN -1, to get that many resources located, which in this case are medkits. I pull a 3, so I get 2 medkits.

I use them to heal Fireteam A and my Close Combat guy, who had 1 wound each. Fireteam B is still hurt.

Turn 20.

It's not clear in the rules if I have to use another Demo skill, but I am thinking not, so I'm just going to see if there is an event per clause 4.2. I pull a 5, and no attacks. 

We head back to the Demo area 

Turn 19

I want to go to Building 1. There is an Advance test of 1. I have 4 guys with Advance skills as well as my Squad Leader. I pull a 0, 2, 5, 0 and 6, for 2 successes and we thus, head to building 1.

The potential event is 1-2/A.. I pull a 5. No event. 

Now, the last lab is adjacent, # 3, but there is a padlock symbol. I need to see if that area is closed off on a 3- event pull. I pull a 1.
AAAAARG. Now, I have to go all around.
Turn 18.

I head to the Advance #2 to the south,and pull a 6,4,4,2,6.. which gives me more than the 2 successes needed. We head there. 

The potential event is 1/A.. I pull a 4. No event.

Turn 17. 

I want to head to the Computer 3 section. 

My Scientist has a Computer of 3, I pull a 0 this turn.
Turn 16

Try, try again. I pull a 5.. that is 1 success,with 2 more to go. 

Turn 15

I pull another 5... that is 1 more success


I pull a 4.. good .. another success.

We head to the Computer Area. 

Potential event is 1-2/A.. I pull a 2. We gots us a fightsies. 

I pull a 1, and it's 2 scouts again. So far, I haven't seen any Warriors or the Queen. 

Round 1 of combat..

This is a melee fight.

I pull a 3, 3, 3, 6 and 4 for my guys


and a 5 for the Flesh Eater Scout. 


Squad Leader= 3/4 = no command point

Fire Team A  Garcia and Knight   3/4 = 0 successes
                 B  Kienmeier and Wu   3/4 = 0 successes
 Ass. Team B Duchovny and Adams  6/3 = 2 successes 
 Close Combat guy Sekibo   4/3 successes = 1 success

and the Flesh Eater has 1 hit as weell (5/4).

With my 3 successes, I kill the Flesh Eater, but it wounds 1 of my teams, I'll pick FireTeamA for a wound. 

Turn 13

I want to head to the Advance 3 area, and needless to say, I got plenty of successes. Hoorah!

We head there.

Potential 1/B event.. I pull a 2. Nope, quiet. 

Turn 12

I want to head to the Repair area. My Demo guy has a Repair of 5, so at the very least, this will cost me 2 turns. 

I pull a 6.. that is 1 success
Turns 11

Try again, I pull + and then a 5, and a 5 = 10, or 2 successes. 

We make it there. 

Potential event of 1-2/A .. I pull a 4. No event. 

Turn 10

Okay, last objective.. Lab 3.. It requires a Security 2. Only my Demo specialist has the skill at 5. I pull a 5. That is 1 success, with 2 more to go. 

Turn 9

I pull a 3..nope

Turn 8

I pull another 5.. that is another success.. That is 2. I make it. We head to Lab # 3

Potential event is 2+/B, so a pull of 2 or higher is a fight.. I pull a ....2...


The fight is a Firefight... which gives me a -2 disadvantag..

My opponents are just 1 warrior. 

Warriors are slightly tougher with a Melee of 3 and a Fight of 5. 

I'm not worried, I got 3 grenades for his 2 health to inflict. 

Round 1 of combat..

I pull a bad pull  for my guys 0, 1, 2, 6, 6

and a 5 for the Flesh Eater Warrior 
Squad Leader generates no Command points, but Assault Team B and my C/C unit inflict a wound each, killing the Flesh Eater. 

The flesh eater inflicts 1 wound, and I put it on Assault Team B. 

So, I accomplished the objectives by going to all 3 Labs to find out what happened. I assume the mission is over

Well, it's not a bad solitaire game for a genre that is sorely lacking for solitaire.. futuristic ground combat. 

I might try out the campaign game in the future. 

Thumbs up.