Sunday, July 8, 2018

1 hour kitbash of a Garden ornament to a fantasy monument

I saw this owl and flowers thingy in the garden section of my local dollar store going for $3..

and further on the store, there was this weird star shaped candle holder for $1.25, so I bought them both..

I thought the garden owl thingy would make a good LOS blocker in any urban setting, fantasy to sci fi.. A modern art sculpture you could see anywhere..

However, the cheesy owl look had to go first..When I got home, I ripped off the owl and flower parts, bending some of the infrastructure, but that was okay, as I planned to make it look old.

I then used milliput and crazy glue to put on the main art piece on the reverse end of the candle holder..

After letting the milliput harden, I spray painted the metal parts green and then painted on the old copper look..  Apart from the time overnight for the milliput to harden, I don't think this took me even an hour..

Not bad for under $5..