Sunday, June 17, 2018

Revisiting Gaslands six months later... more munchkin than Mad Max than I remembered.

I pride myself a bit about being one of the earliest bloggers to talk about Gaslands, posting a Gaslands session six months ago on December 28, 2017 (as discussed here).

I haven't played it since then, but I could tell that the game was getting popular as day after day for the last six months, lots of people have been coming to the blog to look at my December Gaslands post, to the point that it is now one of my most popular posts of all time, with thousands of hits.

I've been content to just see what people have been doing with it since then as I had other games and projects to focus on.  However, my friend Jeff has been wanting to start a campaign, so today, we decided to replay the game as we were rusty on the rules.

We tried a 3 way fight between myself, and my friends Jim and Jeff, this time picking factions and using the audience rules.

At first, he was suggesting using his war rig he acquired...

but I thought, let's just do cars at first. Walk instead of run and all that.

I picked the Mad Max-ish Slime faction, with a performance car with rockets and a pick up truck with side rams

 while my friend Jim got the Mishkin sponsors, with a performance car with electric arc guns and a pickup truck with 360 degree machine gun

...while my friend Jeff got a lone car, sponsored by Miyasaki Couriers...

It was a 50 can (or point) game, so he got every available driver perk for his one car. I found that strange, and should have realized it was trouble.

The game for the most part is as I remembered.. very flight path ish, with lots of slides, spins and such.

An amusing realization at one point was when all of our cars were behind an enemy car.. perfect maneuvering by fluke..

The most enjoyable part of the sessions for me was interacting with my friend Jim's Mishkin cars..

I particularly enjoyed catching Jim's car in an oil slick..

as well as when our two pick-up trucks circled each other like pit dogs and then finally, inevitably, did a head on collision...

That was fun as that was the Mad Max craziness that I enjoyed..

What I did not enjoy however, and found frustrating, was interacting with Jeff's Miyasaki sponsored car loaded to the eyeballs with driver perks..

Neither Jim nor I simply could not scratch Jeff's car, despite throwing everything we got him, and him invoking some privileged perk to save himself without even getting damaged...

Even when I got behind him, and hitting him with 6d6 rocket damage, he still managed to make saving rolls by invoking some perk or another and making the save.. I might as well have thrown the rockets down the toilet as they were ineffective.

Then he invoked some more powers but doing all these fancy maneuvers that Jim nor I could do.. it was ridiculous that he could use the templates the way he did...

I finally reached my patience when even on rough ground, he was unaffected by it, not getting hazard tokens the way Jim had to just moments before. Finally, I was totally exasperated when Jeff's car did not even get a scratch after running head long into a wall while on rough ground.. .

We called it quits after that...Even Jeff said he did not enjoy playing Miyasaki as it was all maneuvers for him, but hardly any damage.

Any interest I now have for a campaign has been seriously hampered.. Jeff said he won't play Miyasaki again in a campaign, but now I am questioning if the campaign perks are broken. It seems so, at least for the Miyasaki faction.  He told me he would send me links about people's thoughts about fighting Miyasaki, but it seems like too much work and damage control.

I wanted Mad Max, not superhero cars.

We also played a delightful Civ game called Patchistory, which I played before (and discuss here) and won't go into too much detail.

All in all, an interesting game day.


  1. A good day of gaming despite the double Jeff victory!

  2. Admittedly I am a complete board game noob so this particular one which uses cars as gaming pieces look unique (and cool) to me.

    1. Try it out. It is fun for the most part and very very popular at the moment.