Saturday, June 23, 2018

Painting some human fantasy skirmish types

I enjoy fantasy skirmish games like Frostgrave and Kobolds & Cobblestones, and want to try more rules, especially Mordheim, but I've realized I don't actually have enough fantasy skirmish painted minis.

So I dug around in my leadpile, and took out some old GW Empire types, which suit me just fine as I like the Renaissance look more than the Middle Ages . Indeed, "gunpowder fantasy" is so much better than the pure Tolkienesque stuff in my opinion.

GW expects you to mass these guys as a cohesive army, and thus paint them all in the same uniform, but my interest and time is in skirmish battles.. I want variety as these guys are joining a warband for a copper coin day's pay in Frostgrave or Mordheim, not His Excellency's Grand Army.

I've been reading a bit about the Landsknechts and Condottiere of the Renaissance lately as I find their ruthless but ostentatious look appealing. Someone called the Landsknechts, who were Holy Roman Empire (that is, German) mercenaries in the Renaissance, psychotic clowns in their makeshift uniforms and huge jock straps.

The Condottiere (mercenaries from all over Europe who fought in Renaissance Italy.. condottiere means "contractor") were notoriously corrupt, often switching sides in the middle of a battle, or putting on sham fights just to get paid. Perfect warband enlistees.. :-)

I enjoy the GW's Oldhammer milieu, with its faux Holy Roman Empire look, replete with mercenaries and adventurers who look exactly like the Condotierre and Landsnechts, so naturally, when I play fantasy skirmish, it is these down-on-their-luck adventurers, sellswords and cutthroats who enlist in my warbands.

So, I assembled at first the 20 minis from both boxes..

and put them on cobblestone bases given that fantasy skirmish games like Mordheim and Frostgrave are fought in cities. I greenstuffed the cobblestones using my Happy Seppuku cobblestone stamp.

However, one of them, a sniper type, I had to put on a larger base..

After priming them, as always, I started with the eyes, because if you don't get the eyes right, don't bother continuing.

I wanted to give some of them some type of a colourful pattern, but not all of them.. some I kept deliberately plain as a lot of my skirmish warband troops are thugs and lowlifes after all.

But for the colourful ones, I sketched out and painted:


Dot patterns...


One of the mini patterns I liked especially was this white triangle on a blue shirt musketeer that I did. However, when I was 99% finished on him, and was just painting his base, I dropped it into gray paint... I was very disappointed, to say the least.  Off to the garbage dump at this point for that one. I was now down to 19 minis.

All the ones with shields had an embossed diagram except one, which forced me to freehand something.. I was wondering what to paint on that shield, when I happen to be listening to a YouTube documentary on the Giza pyramids (I often paint listening), when I thought, why not paint a pyramid on the shield with the Eye of Ra..

On about half of them, I added some brown and black gesso to give the cobblestone streets a dirty look.. lots of poo and other filth back then...

I find that when I  have too many minis to paint, I rush things and just cut corners.. I need to pace myself and do 10 mini batches at a time, max from now on.. These minis therefore are not my best work, but good enough for tabletop.  I might in the very near future, paint more Renaissance looking guys as I enjoy doing it.

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  1. A pity about the musketeer. If he had fallen into the brown stuff instead of grey paint he could have been a merc who was particularly down on his luck that day!