Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Unboxing: The Pirate Republic board game (Kickstarter)

In March 2017, I kickstarted the pirate board game The Pirate Republic by Green Feet Games, and I received it today.

I love the pirate theme, so I could not resist.

The box cover art is beautiful, and I just happen to know that the artist is the famous Chris Collingwood. Indeed, I have that exact print on my wall... It is Blackbeard himself in all his lunatic glory..

The rulebook is colourful and on nice glossy paper..

There are several reference sheets on thin glossy cardboard with one side a nice Pirate Articles illustration. 

Three sheets of thin counters..

 A beautiful map of the Caribbean that stretches almost 34 inches across...

and when it folds up, is an inch thick of nice solid cardboard.

Four metal sloops which I did not expect, with plastic ships and metal coinage.. Nice touch.

Some large over sized dice with special markings on them.

and five packs of cards with very nice art on them by the look of it..

The game sounds good, though I think 1713 is not the sunrise of the piracy but near the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. a small quibble. I look forward to playing it.

The year is 1713. A rare peace comes to the Spanish Main, but peace has its consequences...
With thousands of demobilized sailors, piracy explodes in the West Indies where the port city of Nassau serves as its headquarters. This is the sunrise of the Golden Age of Piracy. It's a time of conquest and riches, indomitable spirit and fat treasure galleons, pirate utopias and watery graves.
The Pirate Republic is a modular fully cooperative to fully competitive thematic adventure for up to five players. The most infamous pirate captains work towards completing mission objectives over three rounds of play. Your mission: Forge the ultimate empire, The Pirate Republic. The sea is your territory, anyone on or near it, your prey.
- Players can cooperatively work to complete Flying Gang mission objectives to forge the ultimate democracy, the Pirate Republic
- Players who enjoy Hidden Traitor mechanics can add optional Captain Missions that make some captains wily saboteurs who are secretly attempting to sink other players' ambitions
- Competitive mode creates a race to amass the most Swagger (Victory Points) through daring feats and plunder on the high seas

Devastate merchant shipping lanes, commandeer new ships, raid and conquer heavily defended towns, and plunder New World riches one seaport at a time.
Attack, strike fear, and duel your way across the high seas with custom action dice and a deck of unique captain cards. Pillage treasure fleets, squash mutinies, sack forts, recruit crew, duel pirate hunters, and seal your notoriety among the greatest captains. Along the way, battle and bring an end to Spanish, British, Dutch, French, and Danish imperial powers infesting your waters.
The Pirate Republic brings the piracy story to life in this swashbuckling blend of adventure and strategy. Even across the centuries, it reminds that if denied the chance to live in freedom, best to go ahead and make your own.

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  1. I thought that box lid looked familiar! Looking forward to seeing this one hit the table.