Monday, May 21, 2018

A veritable glue-fest of Plast Craft Buildings Assembly Part 1 / 2

For years, I've been buying these Plast Craft buildings to assemble, with thoughts of "one day" getting to them...

I got something like 14 them, with 5 of them being gothic ruins, called "Gothic Millennium."

Gothic architecture is pretty handy. It can be used for Fantasy (but not historical ancient), Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern, all the way to the far future, as 40K demonstrates.

I decided to assemble the Gothic Millennium ones first, and then the other ones later.

The components are PVC plastic and mdf wood (for pillars, roofs, etc), and have nice pre-published art work on them..

Which means..

drum roll please

...I don't have to paint them!  Always a plus.

The instructions for some reason, don't come with the box, and you have to download them from Plast Craft's web page.

For the most part that is not a problem, but it means doing it at my computer.

The instructions seems 80% clear most of the time..

but sometimes, it's hard, even when enlarging the jpg, to figure out what part is being pointed to..

Anyways, I broke out the crazy glue, as that works pretty fast, which is both a good and bad thing.. I learned however, to dry fit every part before putting on glue..

However, the fumes from the crazy glue after awhile was aggravating my asthma, so I cut down on it for only the most important stuff, and also used white glue for the filler on walls and such

I found some of the assembly quite ingenious, but unlike painting, where you can go on automatic a bit, you have to focus when you assemble this stuff to make sure everything lines up.. If stuff doesn't line up, then future related joints won't line up..

For example, here I am installing the window pane and have to make sure that the top insert tab lines up perfectly with the wall tabs. If it doesn't then I won't be able to slot in the roof snuggly.

Needless to say, overall it's a lot faster assembling these buildings than it would have been if I had to assemble them if they were mdf wood, then wait hours for the wood glue to dry, and then paint it afterward.

Ruined Side Wall

Demi Ruined Side Wall

Cathedral Side Porch

I screwed up the roofing a bit here, but it still looks fine..

Apse of Glory

I struggled with the apse a bit, as the instructions were not really clear about the building skeleton frame, but I finally figured it out..

and after that, it was done quickly..

 Portico of Penance

Again, I screwed up the roof in the back a bit, but it still is not bad..  

The buildings are pretty sturdy. I put on a coffee mug I was drinking from and it held pretty well.

Anyways, it was a whirlwind of gluing, but it was worth it for all this easy and nice looking terrain...

In part 2, I will build the following remaining Plast Craft that I owe..

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