Monday, April 16, 2018

Quick and goofy paint job for goofy retro-looking robots

I had these 2 goofy looking "Lost in Space" ish robots that I strangely like..

I could use these for my upcoming Frostgrave: Star Wars campaign, for my encounter table.

I found that their gun was slightly warped, so I had to dump them in hot water to straighten them out first.

I was not going to kill myself painting them up, so I settled for a goofy but fun cheetah-like paint job (hey, it's space opera), and painted them under 2 hours while I was listening to YouTube documentaries.

Boom. Done. Next!


  1. Cool! Those turned out nice!

  2. Those are eggcelent! Might benefit from a gloss coat on the "glass", but they look like they are ready to go.

    1. Thanks. I haven’t yet varnished them, but a gloss varnish on the glass is a good idea!