Monday, April 2, 2018

Painting some Star Wars inspired terrain

I am a bit peeved that FFG's new Star Wars: Legion is going to be in 35mm scale.. for that reason, I will not likely buy the core set, though I might buy aliens, droids and terrain for other uses as they have more leeway when put beside my many 28mm Humans from say, 40K, as well as my Star Wars:Imperial Assault minis.

I am pleased that some new companies are popping up to create terrain for the game though. I recently bought some terrain from a small company called Imperial Terrain and I recently got it in the mail.

I didn't realize this from looking at the company's website until I got the terrain, but the doors can slide open, and the roofs can be removed if skirmish fighting happens inside. I will use this terrain for my upcoming Frostgrave: Star Wars campaign.

I like there is a slight rundown look, with chipped walls..

I also had this hardened foam that I once painted blue, but I was not happy about the colour, so this was my chance to repaint it to match this new terrain I got.

I debated for a half-day what colour to use, desert tan or pure white, as Mos Eisley is the former, but homes out in the boonies are white on Tattooine, or at least, could be.

I decided that tan was too obvious for Mos Eisley, so I went with generic white..

Over this Easter weekend, I painted the terrain up..

Try as I could, I couldn't get the doors back in for the small homes on one of them.. it wasn't just extra paint that was the culprit, but there was millimeters more door than the aperture, so I just finally gave up and glued the doors on the outside. 

Always nice to have more terrain... Terrain makes any miniatures game!


  1. Quite nice! Those buildings scream "Star Wars!" to me, so job done. If you wanted to differentiate the smaller houses, you could go back and paint a ring of color or something around one of them.

    1. Thanks. Good idea.. never thought of it.

  2. Cool buildings! They look great and definitely have the Star Wars look to them.