Saturday, March 10, 2018

Painting rubble in an hour and a half

About a month ago, I ordered some cathedral ruins from Armorcast. They finally came in this week. I am putting in lots of overtime at work, so I was just looking for a quick paintjob, and these ruins are ideal candidates.

I am not a terribly big fan of the gothic look, but you can use gothic from everything from fantasy to modern to sci-fi, as Warhammer:40k demonstrates, so it's ideal multi-use terrain.

By sheer coincidence, I went to a local GW store today, and they had very similar terrain called Blasted Hallowheart, which I bought and initially thought, I'd paint them as well with the Armorcast type..

but I said forget it.. I just am too tired to glue this right now and paint this. GW stuff usually has more intricate details and doesn't deserve a mere dry brush hightlight..

I also got this week some cheap 3D printed terrain from ebay.

I usually paint this stuff gray, as some of my other work demonstrates...

so I first primed it black last night..

but I changed my mind.. I wanted it more ancient-world ish, more white, so re-primed them gray..

Then quickly, very quickly, given I'm tired and my friends are not connoisseurs who ooh-and-aahh over exquisite terrain, I just mostly dry brushed it in white, and it looks fine for tabletop. It took an hour and half while I was listening to YouTube videos.


  1. Not connoisseurs?! I am offended! Haven't you seen me drinking Coke Zero with my pinky raised?