Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cheap miniature storage solution using 3 for $3 car wash sponges

It's an expensive hobby, what can I say. Minis, terrain, and even storage.

I am getting tired of buying expensive cases to store my minis, especially as I don't really travel with them to go to tournaments and such. It's just me or my friends' house.

I recently bought a ton of old orcs from someone off of ebay for a song. They were 45 of them, for about a $1 each painted. I didn't want to put 45 mediocre paint jobs in my fancy case though, so I looked  around for cheap alternatives.

I came across these cheap car wash sponges at the dollar store, costing about $1 each.

Drawing the base, I fit about eight of them per sponge.

Using my wire styrofoam cutter, I cut out the tracing lines..

I eventually made a lot of holes in eight sponges (though only needing about six for now)..

and it worked like a charm..

I put the minis in the sponges and then in a storage box. Took about an hour..

I was left with just a lot of -I don't even know what to call them - pogs (?) to throw out but that sure beats spending a lot of money on fancy cases.

A good solution and I'm pleased.

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