Sunday, February 25, 2018

Speed painted 29 Star Wars gunmen

Now that I painted up 19 lightsaber types (as discussed here)..

it's time to paint up the faceless henchmen for my upcoming Frostgrave Star Wars campaign. Unlike say, Necromunda or Mordheim, where you have to track the experience and wounds of each member of your warband, in Frostgrave, the henchmen never level up. Still, I would like to think of them as the backbone of a warband, and with some character quirk for each.

That being said, I focused on variety for me and my friends to choose from when building up their warband. There will be blood since this is Frostgrave, so need a lot of troopers over the course of the campaign. Initially though, we would likely only afford 5 guys each...

Like the lightsaber types, I did a quick speed paintjob on each, using every trick in the book. No time to waste as I'm the only painter in my gaming group.

I mostly used Imperial Assault minis. 

1. Hutt

First up is a Jabba the Hutt, which I converted to a lower level up-and-coming ruthless scumbag Hutt on the make.

The original Jabba that came with Imperial Assault was too plain..

So, a quick raid from my bits box and pimped him out.. I came narrowly close to adding a boonie hat after I put in the cigar..

To vote on this Hutt on Coolminiornot, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, please vote here.

2. Ithorian

The Ithorian that came in one of the IA expansions looked kind of lame with that staff..

So I converted him and added a wicked chain-blade..

3. Bothan

When I saw this mini, I didn't know what race it was..

so I had to scroll through pictures of Star Wars races and decided it was a Bothan.

4. Aqualish

I think this Aqualish does like me and will buy me a drink..

5-6  Gamorreans

The Gamorreans that came with one of the IA expansions seemed a bit too primitive, so I cut out the arms of two of them and added in a blade weapon and a pistol.. I also added some fur on top of one of them.

7. Jawa


8. Mon Calamari

 9. Noghri

I am not sure if this mini is a Noghri

but I went with it, and cut out the lame staff and added in a blaster weapon..

For some reason, I went with the over the top colours on this one...

10-14 Rodians

I had extra Greedos, so I converted one with a Human head for variety. 

I hope the other 3 Rodians have better luck than that shmuck Greedo..

15-16  Trandoshans

17  Twi'lek

This is Hera Syndulla from the cartoon.. 

18. Wookie

I didn't want to paint the Chewbacca sculpt, but I came across Drokatta, in one of the IA expansions and bought him individually on ebay..

19.  Cerean

20. Boba Fett

I thought it would be too cheesy to put in Boba Fett, so I converted him by cutting off the head and added a tough guy head instead.. I added a bit to the cloak by adding a scarf for that je-ne-sais-quoi...

21. Lion Man

It was not all Imperial Assault.. I have lots of other aliens, and decided to use this Lion Man type of alien from Alternative Armies..

22. Space Dwarf

This dwarf came from Mantic, which I believe they call the Brokkr for their sci-fi wargame Warzone..  In GW terms, they would be known as Squats..

The hammer was bent, so I cut it out and added a mace...

Since he didn't have a beard, I decided to give him a 5 o'clock shadow..

23. Necromunda Bounty Hunter

I got this 1995ish sculpt for the original Necromunda on ebay a couple of years back, already primed. It is heavy and metal and bit stiff in posture compared to today's standard, but I like it.

24-29 Imperial Assault Humans

That's 29 minis painted.. On top of the 19 lightsaber types, that's 48 in total in a couple of weeks. I am a bit tired, especially as I'm busy at work too..

Still, it was fun painting them up.

I know have more than enough, even if there are 3 warbands playing, for the foreseeable future.

I should now concentrate on some random encounter minis and terrain...


  1. Your painting desk is indeed a wretched hive of scum and villainy!

    1. You’ll never find a more wretched one!