Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dungeon Alliance is an interesting dungeon crawl

My friend Jeff's kickstarter Dungeon Alliance came in this week, so we got to try it out today.

A one to four player game, the players each send in four archetypical fantasy characters into a dungeon to fight monsters, with the goal of collecting experience points for each monster kill. The experience points act as victory points at the end.

The character card art is not bad, and their descriptions are a touch quirky.

The miniatures per se are the typical slightly undefined features plastic type, and I daresay, won't be a big improvement if you paint them (I'm getting spoiled by companies like Games Workshop), but they're good enough for their purpose.

The game took a while to set up and has a large footprint, taking up my entire six foot table.

The game is essentially a deckbuilder with minis to move around. Each character has 3 distinct cards with abilities with additional cards you purchase with experience points ( magic weapons etc), that you use to build your hand with...

At the beginning of the game, you mix up your initial 12 cards (3 from each character), into a hand of six, and with that hand, you have to choose which character will go and what kind of attack it will do. You could find yourself not having cards for say, your elf, in your hand, even though you desperately need for your elf to do something or give the elf a boost, or vice versa. You thus gotta move your characters best with the hand you got.

The monsters come in counters not miniatures, but they have information on them that is useful.

You move around exploring tiles, with monsters in every tile. At the beginning, it felt like a crawl given this reason, but then things sped up as we got better and better weapons and abilities to dispatch the monsters.

Like all dungeon crawls, I didn't ask why the monsters were there or why we were going to kill them. It's a dungeon crawl after all. We did not play cooperative, so I couldn't tell you why this game was called "Alliance", as in the game we played, we sic'd the monsters on each other, with a kill giving the dead player a -1 VP each time.

Anyways, not a bad game and I would play it again.

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