Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kitbashing some dollar store dinosaur terrain...

I was at the dollar store yesterday and noticed this kid's play excavation kit for something like $2 or $3 bucks. I thought this was some good cheap terrain that I could use, so I bought it. 

Inside, there is some hardened clay where the kid will "excavate" and find a skeleton.

Alas, I did not play-excavate it but instead quickly broke the clay with a hammer and extracted 2 skeleton pieces for use.

I mounted the two pieces on some CDs I previously bought at the dollar store and affixed them on a combination of milliput and air-hardened clay.

Lots of times in movies, you always see dinosaur skeletons in desert settings. I don't have a desert mat just yet, but I do have a brown wasteland one. So,I decided last night to put one of the pieces in a desert sand-wasteland look, and the other, with some of the hardened clay attached to look like rock, on a more temperate climate setting.

I did not put columns or other man-made terrain on them as I want to have the option for both of them to use in either a fantasy or sci-fi game.

I primed them both in a light brown last night...

Today, I painted the skeletons in this bone-colour. For the temperate climate one, I also painted the the rock in light and dark gray with a bit of white highlight....

I left the underlying ground of the desert-wasteland one as is... 

as I put on some sandy gesso with a sand colour paint on and finished this piece off quickly..

For the temperate climate one, I first darkened some patches of the underlying ground..

and then flocked some grass on it..

And I was done. It took me about an hour to paint them for both..

I now have 2 pieces that cost me I'd say $2 each if you throw in the cost of the CDs...

Good stuff..


  1. Somehow I always took you for the fedora and idols kind of archaeologist, not the dino bones kind