Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kitbash preparation for a Fantasy variant of Osprey's Gaslands Part 2/2

To see the first 3 painted, please see Part 1.

The fourth converted vehicle to a fantasy bent, is what I call the Necron Eye..

I found a cheap Scorpion-themed Hot Wheels, so I bought it and dismantled it.

I then greenstuffed wooden tiles like I did previously..

Then I added magical mana or mist around it and added skulls into it.. to give it that magical craft powered by necromancy look..

I had these Halloween eyes and used one to build an eyeball..

Kind of creepy looking to be honest...

After that, I inked it green.. and it voila, it works..

The fifth vehicle is my "gyrocopter".. in a fantasy setting, it is a magic-propelled balloon..

I have a 15mm balloon..

I spray-painted the balloon blue first and then slowly painted in the rope net over it..

I painted the base after that and basket..

but when I assembled it, I found the thin rod that came made the whole thing wobbly.. I think it's because the top balloon is top-heavy and not balanced.

I previously used a garden-thing to make a pterodactyl and Terminator HK..

so I decided to do the same thing there with my balloon..

After painting the basket, I was forced to go back and cut a bigger hole to slide the garden thing through it.

After that, I painted and glued the ropes and finished off the balloon..

My last vehicle was the easiest of all.. I was going to convert another Hot Wheels car, but then I found this cheap fantasy-themed toy in the dollar store..

All I did was paint the base black completely and was finished..

 I have done 6 vehicles, so now ready for a fantasy Gaslands match..

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  1. I find it amusing/satisfying that you have a bag of skulls lying around in your kitbashing materials.