Sunday, December 24, 2017

Some Christmas eve painting of old school Mordheim sculpts

A couple of months ago, I acquired a hard to find set of Mordheim Cult of the Possessed miniatures on ebay and planned to some day paint them.  Well, on Friday, I just finished painting Khorne followers for Age of Sigmar (as discussed here) and I thought, since I have nothing to do on this Christmas eve, this would be a good follow up by sticking with the Chaos theme.

Mordheim, in case you don't know, is a beloved classic miniature game, about 17-18 years old.  It's sitting on my shelf, waiting for someday to play it. My friend Jeff and I have been playing Frostgrave, which has a similar premise (fantasy skirmish) as Mordheim, but he doesn't say anything when I bring up the topic.

So, on my shelf collecting dust it is then....

The Cult of the Possessed came in this old fashioned styrofoam tray which you don't really see anymore.

The miniatures are in a metal mold, which you won't see from GW anymore unfortunately either..

I had to cut out the bottom bar and pin each of them to urban terrain to stick with the Mordheim theme.

Metal miniatures have this satisfying weight to them, which I have forgotten about, and since the original sculpts were hand made, they look more organic than today's 3D computer sculpts.... however, compared to today's sculpts, the miniature poses look so stiff and not as dynamic.

The minis consist of 6 cultists and 1 possessed mini who, in case you don't know about the GW universe, are twisted, mutated and corrupted people under the influence of Chaos, these malevolent entities from another dimension/magical realm. Possessed humans are more powerful and are 'gifted" with tentacles, etc.

I initially spray painted primer black on the possessed guy, but I just found the sculpted head too goofy looking (left below), and unstripped him and replaced the head with a more suitable mutant head (right, below) last night. Thus, a small conversion for the better, I think.

I found the sculpt a bit off.. his pecs seem almost as women's breasts..

It raised the question as to how this guy eats if his right hand is a claw and his left hand is a tentacle.. How does he open doors, etc.. Perhaps his tentacle hand has to improvise a lot..

Since he's more bare-chested than the cultists, I primed him brown..

and decided to experiment a bit with the skin colour.. I wanted his skin to look more mutant-ish, and more bruised.. so I went for a slightly purple-bruised colour.

As for the six cultists, they were pretty straightforward. I stuck with Khorne red, just in case I wanted to add them to Khorne followers in an AoS game.

First row of 3

Second row of 3

A relaxing Sunday paint job.

Merry Xmas everyone.