Sunday, December 17, 2017

Scale creep is cancer.. Is 32mm now the new 28mm?

I'm sad to say that normal 25mm is not what it used to be. We've seen the cancer of scale creep these last 10-15 years, but it just seems to be getting out of hand lately.

I guess we should blame GW for this long ago, when they switched to 28mm or "heroic 25mm," but now it seems 28mm is become "heroic 28mm" which makes those sculpts to look more like 30-32mm..

GW went a little scale-crazy with their golden boys Sigmarines in Age of Sigmar, who look like guys in suped-up fantasy powered armour. Similarly,  they upped the scale ante in 40K with their new Primaris Space Marines, who looked like jacked up Space Marines as well. Lots of others have demonstrated the height difference on the internet.

The trend to 30-32mm has been on for years. I recently got into Warmachine, which is about 10 years old, and was disappointed it's 32mm scale. 

Newer games have jumped on the 32mm scale as well. I haven't tried the new Runewars miniature game, but I'm told they are 30-32mm..

I just bought some Star Trek figures from Modiphius and am disappointed they are 32mm.

I've been buying Star Wars Imperial Assault these last couple of years, and those sculpts seem to be between 30-32mm..

but now...  FFG announced Star Wars Legion and it's going to be  -damn their eyes-  35mm.. (you got to be kidding me)..


and I recently Kickstarted a game called Core Worlds for the wonderful terrain and sculpts, despite their disappointing scale of 35mm..

Despite loving the premise, I haven't bought Wild West Exodus for it's scale, though now I'm wondering why not...

I am not sure what is causing this acceleration in scale creep... perhaps it's the newer technology, or the fact that they thicken the bases to prevent warping.. or the trend to skirmish play.. or just plain old capitalistic company X trying to outshine the others... but it can cause problems for players. 
A great aspect of miniature wargames is mixing and matching sculpts from different games and terrain for battles.. Terrain and sculpts can be mixed and matched for the most part between 25-30mm, but it starts to get noticeable at 32 and 35mm. If say, you put a 32mm sculpt near a 25mm building, you'll notice how small the building door and windows are compared to the figure.

You'll definitely will notice 35mm sculpts vs 25mm sculpts. It's not too bad when you have robots and monsters vs human sculpts, but humans vs humans comparisons are downright silly when compared.

Someone did a comparison of Star Wars Legion vs Imperial Assault, and you can see the difference.  Look how ridiculously thick the Star Wars Legion base is on the left.

Anyways, there will be diehard companies still going to churn out 25mm, especially the mom and pop companies, but I think, after 20 years of 28mm.. the baton is being passed to 32mm. We will have 20 years ahead of us of 30-32mm being the default scale.

Scale creep is cancer.


  1. Must be very aggravating given your love of terrain.

  2. One problem is that miniatures gamers never adopted true scales. Our millimeter equivalents don't impose consistency on us, and this can be used as a "weapon" against us in the market place.

    I'll be sticking with 28mm, already have too much terrain at that "scale".

  3. Yes, I too have too much terrain at that scale and will resist this very much.