Friday, December 22, 2017

Painting the Warbands of Khorne Pt 2/2 Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

In Part 1, I painted the bare-chested followers of Khorne, and now I turned my attention to the guys in powered armour and the big and exotic guys.

I stuck with the red-and-gold theme, as well as trying to get all of them on cobblestone/urban bases (as I did with the good guys), to maintain consistency.

Blood Warriors

First up were the "Blood Warriors", whom I found bizarre looking, what with the 10 pounds of steel Khorne symbol on top of their helmets. Seriously, for anyone who has worn helmets, this is slightly ridiculous.. but hey, it's fantasy I can hear you say.

I experimented this time with red primer, just to see what it's like under field conditions.

For one mini, I could not find the other arm on the sprue despite looking hard, so I converted it using a cheap Reaper bones arm.

However, when I spray painted it, there was some gunk on this mini's face that was messing me up, so despite priming it, I cut off the head, put on a 40K head, and then greenstuffed some fur to cover it up.

I had some excess greenstuff, so I thought, what the hell, might as well convert some others that had a bit of primer gunk on them, putting on animal skins and fur as well.

When I was nearly finished painting the problematic mini with the Reaper arm and the greenstuffed fur, I accidentally dropped it on my wet palette, covering it up with paint, ruining the paint job. I was so angry at this cursed luck mini (missing arm, gunk on its face, falling into paint), that I threw it in the garbage.. It failed me for the last time.

Slowly but surely, I finished the warriors off.

However, I found the red primer kind of disconcerting and unnatural. I just was not used to it and had to be patient that it would all work out in the end.. which it did.

First row of 5 Blood Warriors

Second row of 5

Now on to the exotic guys..

Skarr Bloodwrath

I bought and assembled Skarr Bloodwrath...

or as I started to call him, horsey-boy.. all that was missing was a flute..

This time, I chose brown as the primer instead of red.

I chose the human looking head and felt that there was too much space between his shoulder armour and neck - maybe I did not assemble it perfectly-- so I just greenstuffed some fur again.

All in all, he was easy to paint, but I found the swirling chains though dynamic, a bit delicate and a pain to paint around slightly. How will I store this guy with these chains... he'll take up a lot of room for sure.


Next up was the Bloodsecrator (...who comes up with these names?).

I split the priming between red and brown..I initially primed him red as well, but I changed my mind.

He was easy to paint more or less...

For the standard, I know most people paint spinal bones but I found that too cheesy and over the top, especially as he is going into battle with these awkward skulls around his neck (how can you engage in thick battle like that.. but I digress).. so instead, I painted it as if it were a wreath.  I think it looks better as the green nicely complements the gold, instead of a bone-colour offset.

I am pleased with this guy as the pinkish/rose marble is a nice touch..I could have given some lie that I did it on purpose from the very beginning, to show the symbolic juxtaposition of the barbarian Khorne guy standing on effete pink marble trappings of Order, look how avante-garde I am.. blah blah blah, but naaaah.. I just at the last minute decided to keep the deep parts, the marble cracks, of the red primer and it all worked out nicely.

Please feel free to vote on the Bloodsecrator on Coolmini, with 1 being the lowest, 5 good enough for tabletop play, and 10 the highest, here. Thanks.

Mighty Lord of Khorne

Lastly was the Mighty Lord of Khorne, which I'm guessing is the general of the Chaos guys (I haven't read the rules yet, so forgive me).

His right arm is a claw, he's got 10 pounds of the Khorne standard on his back, and he brought his pet dog-monster to the battlefield. Nice.

I based him on a large base given how much room he is taking up.

I shouldn't have glued the leash at the beginning, as the dog was getting in the way at times, but whatever, it was too late. Someone told me 10 years ago, always assemble everything then paint it all at once. I follow that rule, but sometimes I question it. I know there are times when there are exceptions to the rule, but that instruction is still with me, sometimes to my detriment, like it was here

For some reason, the mighty Lord is wearing a mask, which some people have ignored and painted skin colour, but I went with it, and put on a steel colour.

I painted on a tiger skin at the back, which I am not entirely satisfied with, but it's okay I guess, and didn't want to redo it.

Anyways, the Mighty Lord was inevitably finished, and he is fine. but not as nice as the Bloodsecrator though in my opinion.

That's it.. I am now done with virtually all the minis from the core set of Age of Sigmar.. about 65 minis painted for both sides.. I am looking forward to the first try of the game.. May the slaughter begin..

Blood for the Blood God!

For Sigmar!