Monday, November 20, 2017

Experimenting with Happy Seppuku Modelworks base stamps

I buy a lot of resin bases as plain bases usually bore me.

However, these things usually come out to $1 a base, sometimes more especially for the bigger bases. No doubt about it, the new resin bases coming out are beautiful and require some effort sometimes to paint. ... However, I don't really want to pay an arm and leg for them as they are after all, just bases.

That being said, I am aware that when it comes to minis, you need to focus on "faces and bases."

I stumbled upon these base stamps in my FLGS manufactured from a company called Happy Seppuku Modelworks (what a name). For like $6 each, I bought two of the stamps - Splintered Deck and Creekbed- to take home and experiment with.

At $6, I can make a ton of bases and not commit Hari Kari financially speaking, with them.

"Splintered deck" has a lot of detail that needs to be picked up, so I focused on that in my experiment.

I assembled my 3 mediums, the most expensive being greenstuff, then the less expensive standard Milliput and finally, the cheap air-hardening soft clay, to try out the stamps.

I also assembled some tools and some vegetable oil, as I found when dealing with greenstuff, it works best to avoid it getting stuck in the stamp.

After I kneaded the greenstuff, I applied some vegetable oil first..

Pressed down hard for a second or two..

and peeled it out. I was immediately impressed how great it looks, with the detail popping out!

Nice! That does look like splintered wood.

I tried it again, with the cheaper Milliput. After applying a little bit of vegetable oil, I pressed down..

After I peeled it back, it looked fine. Not as crisp as greenstuff, but not bad.. not bad at all. I'm sure with less detailed stamps like the river bed, Millput would work great.

Lastly, I tried it again with the cheapest medium, air-hardening clay..

I pressed down but realized I put too much.. the clay just bulged out..

I tried to cut off the edges, but it was a disaster..

I tried it again, with far less clay..

but the results were not that good.. I don't think it caught all the detail of the splintered wood like the other two mediums..

I tried clay on the less detailed river bed, but the results did not impress me, as I'm sure it would have with greenstuff or Milliput.

Anyways, I am pleased with my experiment. After the first two harden, they will be easy to paint.

The Seppuku stamps are a great tool and I ordered some more online.

Good stuff.

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