Friday, October 27, 2017

Unboxing: Deep Cut Studios Beach Mat

They say good things comes in threes. Well, today, I got 3 things that are related and by some fluke, it came in all at once.

First on the list today, I got the core rule book for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, which is set in the same gameverse as Frostgrave, a campaign that I am currently in.

I'll take a look, and hope to use stats from Ghost to FG, and vice versa.

I also got today the foam terrain (for 25/28mm)  the Dark Revenge shipwreck from the German company Ziterdes.

I will enjoy painting this thing..

and related to the sea, I got the Deep Cut Studio game mat, the Beach..

I opted to get it in PVC material, as I never bought anything from Deep Cut before, just to test it out, instead of risk paying excess shipping fees from Europe for the giant mousepad version which I might not like.

This thing was wedged in tight in the tube and I knew that if I took it out, it wasn't going back. I'll have to check to see if Deep Cut sells a bag for these things the next time I order.

Once I unfurled it, this 6 feet by 4 feet beauty lit up my floor.. Very large and high quality picture on it.

Look at the detail of the water, then on the beach...

 ..then the transitional ground from beach to some foliage, and then ..

... more lush green foliage beyond that.  The water is 1 foot, and so is the sand.. Plenty of space to move around minis.

Nice. I don't know why I got the beach, other than wanting some terrain variety, but I am pleased. Will order from Deep Cut again, and this time even more thicker material.

Thumbs up.


  1. As I posted on "that other site" ... it's really hard to believe I'm not looking at actual 3D flocking in the penultimate and final images. Looks like a good buy!