Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Unboxing: Battlestations II (Second Edition) (Kickstarter)

My March 2016 Kickstarter of the second edition of Battlestations by Gorilla Games finally came in today, along with my stretch goal, a box of minis.

Battlestations, in case you don't know, to quote Boardgamegeek:

... is a tabletop starship simulator – a multi-map board game that simultaneously features ship-action in space AND the events on board the ships involved in the conflicts. It is also a roleplaying game in which your characters grow throughout campaigns, picking up experience points, upgrades, and new abilities.

The game rules are very simple but they allow for complex RPG-like imaginative choices like teleporting to an enemy ship, hacking their helm controls and steering their ship towards a black hole before ejecting yourself out the air lock. Inside the box is an infinity of alien worlds to explore, rickety spacecrafts to upgrade, and a rowdy crew of lifelong comrades to adventure with.
One player takes on the role of "the enemy", and works against the other players who are cooperating with each other.

The original game if I remember correctly, had 15mm minis, but the new kickstarter had it in 28mm, so I jumped in and got it.  Space battles *and* land based miniatures? How can you go wrong. 

The second edition box seems a lot bigger than the first edition, which is natural I suppose since it's been scaled up, but also a lot heavier than the first box. 

Rules are nice and glossy.. 

 and apart from a couple of pages of rules..

it seems to be composed of a ton of scenarios, which I imagine, form an "rpg" campaign. 

The game's weight seems to come from a ton of counters and tiles.. I don't recall ever seeing counters and tiles stacked so thick before. 

It is composed of the usual game counters

map tiles done very prettily I might add..

and good old fashion space map tiles for the space battles. 

There are the usual dice, cards, character sheet and meeples of course..

and the minis are in that soft plastic boardgame style, which is good enough I imagine... 

The gallant heroes I suppose..

The creatures look strange and plentiful..

This robot is retro cool enough that I am tempted to paint it just to see how well I can do the reflection of it's egg-like glass head. 

The stretch goal extras I got were more of the same..

I was a bit disappointed at first to find only 1 ship mini.. I was not sure how you can have space combat with only 1 mini, so I corresponded with the game designer through Kickstarter..

and sure enough, he told me to look again as he got the same query from two others. I looked hard again, a full five minutes through my minis and found it.. Very strange I missed it like that.

I see that ship stats are linked to a tile...

Anyways, the game looks intriguing but we'll see how it fares. 

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