Friday, September 15, 2017

Unboxing: Battle Systems Sci-fi II Terrain (Kickstarter)

Another of my kickstarters came in this week. Last week it was Battlestations II, and now (and not to be confused) Battle Systems II, which I completely forgot about.

I shouldn't have forgotten it, as I kickstarted it (one of 1,104 people worldwide) in November 2016..... turnaround of 10 months is not bad, not bad for kickstarter.

Battle Systems is pre-painted (or should I say pre-printed) sci-fi terrain in 28mm. Sci-fi terrain in cardstock.. a blessing for those of us who don't have time to paint everything.

This will come in very handy for planned Shadow War and Necromunda battles coming up, among other settings. 

I also have an additional set of tiles that must have been my stretch goal.

The box is heavier than I imagined for cardboard...

When I opened it up, the very first thing I spot was a very nice mousepad-like terrain mat..

Some brief instructions on maintenance of these things..

And tons of cardboard terrain pieces, that explain how heavy this box was.

The dullest carboard pieces, but the most important, are the joints..

but the rest are the goodies just waiting to be popped out and clipped for battle.

Galactic consoles

Frontier consoles

 Two sets of equipment

Grav lift elevator

Galactic and Frontier doorways and airlocks.

Floor tiles

and Gantries, walls and railings.

I didn't see any instructions on how to assemble them. Perhaps they are on the company website, or it's intuitive.

Anyways, nice to see my kickstarters come in.  This is a welcome addition for a terrain junkie like myself.