Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why... kids today are spoiled.. they do not have to wax in their dice :-)

I got into a conversation with this owner of a large gaming store here in my city once, and he did not believe me when I said that in the early 80s, we had to wax in our own dice..

Back then, I found d10s so.. futuristic! I've never saw anything like them before..The dice that I bought came in these translucent colours, which added to their futuristic look.

They were so futuristic and so cutting edge, that of course, you had to wax them in yourself. You were forging new areas in such a niche and futuristic hobby, so waxing was natural.  Most RPGs back then if I recall correctly, came with a wax crayon.

These two sets of d10s, which I used for the FASA Star Trek RPG, were my favourite dice and I still own them.. my nostalgic keepsake that I refuse to throw away.. and yes, I had to wax in their numbers.

I had to dig up an unwaxed die that I still own and showed him.. I won't wax it now, as I don't have the inclination, don't have the need, and also, I like it as a relic to a bygone great age, the Golden Age of RPGs, the 1980s.


  1. Good to see you once again wax philosophic on our golden age of RPGing.

  2. Ahhhh, the good old days. I didn't get a wax pencil so I painted the numbers in. Looked awful.

  3. Painted them in? Never thought of