Sunday, July 30, 2017

My workbench: Building some quick and easy mdf industrial terrain for Shadow War

After I played my first session of Shadow War Armageddon with my friend Jeff (as discussed here), I promised him I'd play again.

Only, I didn't feel, and still don't, that we have enough terrain. Though I bought some of GW's Shadow War terrain, I am not yet in the mood to assemble and paint such large projects.

However, I have and continue to order some cheap terrain, mostly mdf, that should suit our purposes.

I quickly banged together 5 different terrain products, about 15 pieces, which should be good enough for now.

I did not focus too much on super golden demon type of paint work, as my buddies don't seem to be the appreciative kind when it comes to terrain aesthetics. 

Hab Block 2 Iron Gulch

First up is a metal building from Lasercut Architect, called Hab Block 2 Iron Gulch that I bought off ebay. I have since ordered Hab Block 1 and the Diner.

This building can be used from modern, to post-apoc, to near and far future sci fi settings.

I assembled it quickly enough..


I just copied the metal and slightly rusting paintjob from the company's website, and all in all, it didn't take me long.

Observation Towers

Next up, I had 2 Bandua observation towers called Exagona Industrial and High Square Industrial Tower, both useful for sniper action..

More assembling and gluing on with the carpenter's glue than the Iron Gulch building..

The main drawback I find with mdf terrain.. and it's great and cheap, don't get me wrong.. is that sometimes, my stubby fingers push too hard and I break delicate pieces. I do this every time, no matter how careful I am.

I did it here as well, breaking some railing, and had to repair it with green stuff...

I dirtied it up and highlighted with metallic paint along some edges.

Mdf Storage containers

I got this no name mdf from ebay, that contains parts for six sided containers, and their frame that are used to carry them.. Can be used for modern and sci- fi I think.

I found the six sided containers a bit tricky to assemble, but finally came upon a technique to stand one end, and glue around that.

The frames were a bit easier to assemble..

I did not see the door parts that were to be used for the first one that I assembled until it was too late, so I decided to leave the container door open on all four of them..

As a solution,  I glued together a door panel with the bits I got from the other kits..

I notice that shipping containers have lots of markings on them, so I cut out identifying marks on cardboard and company logos and spray painted them on. The trick with cardboard stencils, is to just lightly tap from a distance the spray can, let it dry, and repeat two or three times. Don't spray too much paint at once.

After that, I just dry brushed some metallic paint and dirtied them up to make them look worn out.  Looked good enough when finally finished..

Micro Arts Studio shipping containers

Lastly, I have some hard foam shipping containers from Micro Arts Studio.. No assembly required..

Like I did before, I made some lettering for the containers. 

After that, like with the shipping containers above, I just dry brushed some metallic paint to make it look worn out. 

All in all, a productive weekend.


  1. Great results - the stencils work well and the dirty look suits the game world!

    Do you have a link to the marker of the containers in your eBay history by any chance? I've search for them but failed :-(

  2. They are listed as "Iso Containers scenery warhammer 40k wargame Infinity wargaming building terrain" by the ebay seller Wargame-Model-Mods. Per the ebay page, the designer is John Morrison, and apparently, there is a Facebook page at Facebook /wargamemodelmods.


    1. Thank you for that info. I'd skipped over then due the price but will go back and look at them and you pics.

  3. This is quick and easy? Looks complicated (then again I have almost zero experience on terrain work) but the results look great!!!

  4. Thanks.. easier to paint than a typical humanoid figure. :-)