Saturday, July 8, 2017

EnWorld interview with Guy McLimore about the late, great FASA Star Trek RPG

My first RPG gaming love was FASA's Star Trek RPG, which I played from 1984 to about 1987, and then used Gurps rules to convert our FASA characters, but stay in the FASA universe, for another 4 years after that, to about 1991.

I was very bitter about what the Next Generation did to the established FASA universe, as I felt it retconned the universe and very bitter that Paramount pulled the plug on the FASA Star Trek RPG at the time.

Anyways, that's all water under the bridge now.

Still, I have fond memories of GMing a merchant campaign with my friend Craig on a weekly basis for years during that time. I posted my remaining old character sheets and Captain's Logs here and here.

I noticed there is an EnWorld interview with Guy McLimore, one of the 3 designers of the FASA game, here.

Sometimes interviews, etc, on various sites disappear after a couple of years, like this audio interview done a couple of years ago with McLimore that is now disappeared (previous link to it here). So I am screen capturing this EnWorld interview for posterity. Long Live FASA Trek!


  1. Another great post bringing back great memories. I only got to play a few times over the span of about a year, as our ringleader for the game moved out of state, but had some great times none the less.

  2. Great game, its sadly missed.

    1. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.. :-)