Sunday, June 18, 2017

Unboxing: Nemo's War 2nd edition (Kickstarter)

I got this week a kickstarter I funded on January 2016, a year and a half-ago, Nemo's War 2nd edition, by Victory Point Games.

I have the first edition and played a round, as discussed here. The first edition is a charming solitaire game where you play Captain Nemo hunting 19th Century war ships as well as finding treasure, much as it is in the novel by Jules Verne. The original game comes in a zip lock bag, with a paper map and counters.

The new Kickstarter version on the other hand, has a nice sturdy and large mounted map that is folded.  It is also redesigned by the looks of it from the 1st edition.

Unboxing the rest, I see a nice rule booklet on glossy paper..

An epilog booklet that reports on how well or badly you did..

 Nice thick counters...

 Lots of cards..

And a mini for your submarine, which is a nice touch as the original zip lock version just had a counter.

I look forward to playing the game.


  1. Questions:
    1) Is this jut solitaire or will we see some game play with the group?
    2) When will you be painting the Nautilus?
    3) Did you realize you'd be finding Nemo in this delivery or was it another semi forgotten KS?

  2. 1) It can be played with multiple people, but it's best played with 1.
    2) No, uh-uh
    3) Semi-forgotten KS.. I've noticed KSs taking longer and longer and I'm forgetting about them.