Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's been enjoyable painting the wickedly evil Dark Eldar Wyches for Shadow War Armageddon

I had one session of the new Necromunda, Shadow War: Armageddon (as discussed here) and it did not go well for me. Undaunted, I promised my friend Jeff I'd try it again, but this time, with another race. After 10 years of being into the miniature scene, I have ignored 40K as the universe doesn't particularly appeal to me. However, I do like the premise of Necromunda, and by extension, Shadow War, so I'll give 40K a shot in this limited skirmish form. 

The 40K races don't particularly appeal to me, except the Dark Elves.. I mean the Dark Eldar (the Eldar being space Elves, of course).  Twisted and evil, the Dark Eldar with their punk rock look and wickedly cruel blades show some promise. I am also amused at the S&M look they got going for themselves...

According the Wikipedia, the Dark Eldar are "a race that is sadistic in the extreme, reveling in piracy, enslavement and torture."

Sadistic torture, huh? All righty, then..

I bought a squad of Wyches, whatever that type is (a cool way of saying "witches" ?), and assembled them.

I stuck to the box art, keeping with the bondage black and mostly red hair. Some of them I painted up in other died hair colours to add a punk rock motif.

I painted their skin in this pallid greyish-white colour to both contrast with the black, and to give them a twisted unhealthy look as well. These are not nice guys and gals you want to meet in a back alley, what with the whole torture thing...

Slowly but surely, as I was highlighting the black clothes, which I've always found difficult to do personally, the Dark Eldar were coming along.

The box art has them in this green armour in some parts, but I just found that boring.. At first, I was toying with the idea of doing something unconventional, like cheetah-clothing pattern you sometimes see (mostly middle-aged) women wear, or zebra stripes, just for the lolz..

but then settled on red camouflage (red, brown, black and white) just to be different and to evoke the image of blood and rage. Anything but boring green.

However, I found 4 colours too "busy" so I kept it at just red and black stripes.. Red and black seems to work on them and highlights somehow that these Dark Eldar are kind of crazy and angry..As my friends can attest to, I really enjoyed GMing back in the day some really insane NPC villains....

As I was painting them, I had a sudden thought about the punk New Wave look that Daryl Hannah's character in Blade Runner had.. Maybe it was their pale skin and punk rock haircuts that reminded me of Blade Runner..

Also, the image of the Mordheim Doomweaver computer game character I've encountered recently came to mind as well..

So I decided to give a couple of them some face tattoos to accentuate the insane twisted killers that they are..  I used red, orange and black as there was enough blue on them already..

I exaggerated the size of the face tattoos just so you can see it at the 2-3 foot level when playing..

I painted the black circles on this one Dark Eldar and initially left it at that..

but then on the very next day, I see this goth teenage girl on the subway with exactly those black circles under her eyes, exactly as I painted them. However, the real life goth girl had black lipstick on as well..

Aha, excellent idea, I thought.. When I went home, I added black lipstick as well.

I like the contrast of the girly pink hair with the Goth face tattoo.. Pretty hair but ugly tribal tattoo, dressed like an S&M dom with a cruel blade.. ready to gut Jeff's miniatures like a fish the next time we play..

All in all, it's been enjoyable painting up the wickedly evil Dark Eldar.. They say actors enjoy playing the villains. I seem to enjoy painting them too.

I can use these Dark Eldar not just for 40K Shadow War, but for any other space game to fill in for scumbags, pirates, and general spaceport dregs. They can even be used for post-apoc as they evoke the old Mad Max look as well as for cyberpunk.


  1. Whoa ... the minis gave me a Ziggy Stardust flashback. Very creative!

  2. Thanks. Ziggy Stardust! Now, that takes me back awhile! :-)