Friday, June 16, 2017

Birthday present: 42 painted 40K Orks and Snotlings

Today is my birthday.

My friend Jeff gave me his collection of 40K Orks as a present, which surprised me. Touched and surprised to be honest.

He is not a painter, and often buys painted armies off of ebay or locally. In the past, there was a local kid who painted stuff for him as well..

Still, painted stuff does not come cheaply and would like to take this opportunity to thank him..

When I unwrapped the Orcs, I was pleased that they were painted pretty good. I counted 42 of them, including the contraption gyroscopes and rocket packs that 40K Orks fly in.

42 minis painted is a lot of work and if you have to pay, it will be a pretty penny. 

I promise to take good care of them, and perhaps use them in Shadow War, along with my Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard.

Thanks Again, Jeff!


  1. Very thoughtful of Jeff... I sense more terrain coming to give them a home!

    1. Jeff stunned me the other day as he started to build terrain for it himself. That is a first.