Sunday, May 21, 2017

Using plumbing supplies to scratchbuild industrial terrain

My friend Jeff and I are scheduled to try out the new Necromunda, Shadow War: Armageddon next week.

Only, I don't have any terrain ready. Jeff says he has terrain, but he is far more lax than me on using the correct terrain for the setting. Frankly, I don't recall ever seeing his Sci-Fi terrain and I have this fear he'll foist modern terrain on me instead.

I did buy some GW terrain for Shadow War..

--but there is no way I can build and paint even one of them by next week to at least acceptable standards.

 I was tinkering with an idea that I had at the hardware store to use plumbing supplies for industrial piping terrain. Industrial pipes and such are suitable for Necromunda, so I assume it will be suitable for Shadow War.

I bought some plumbing pieces, the names and exact uses for I don't know.. But they are cheap hard plastic and look industrial in a 28mm setting.

The first thing I did was scrape off the brand names and anything else that would give it away with my Dremel...

I then spray painted them olive green and then distressed them by adding rust paint (dark and highlighted).

I then scrounged around for dollar store stuff I have been buying for possible terrain in the future. Well, today is that future for some stuff.

As a starter, I used four cheap dollar store coasters which I spray-painted in hazard lines and then dirtied up to go with the rusting look.

I am always buying this garden light transparent thing from the dollar store which I've used before as flight stands..

It can be equally suitable for transparent pipes.

I fitted the plumbing supplies on some board and added some brown-grey gesso to a base to make some modular industrial piping.

I also have been saving this plastic grid (used for some reason in Greek feta cheese packaging) which I used on one of the big plumbing supply things to make it look like a vent of some kind. I was going to put cotton to signify steam or smoke, but it struck me as overdoing it here, so I left it as is.

Lastly, I bought for future use a while ago this garden light thingy from the dollar store that looks very sci-fi and fantasy and added that to the other large piece..

This thing added to the plumbing piece can be anything we say it is.. a generator.. the death ray gun, the objective marker.. whatever. I think it works.

So, I quickly made 5 pieces for next week. Hopefully, I 'll have time to make some more terrain, but I think these 5 are a good start.


  1. Great finds, always pays to keep your eyes open for 'scrap' that you can use for the tabletop.