Thursday, May 25, 2017

My workbench: Quick paint job of a Micro Arts Studio Tau Ceti Power Plant

Now that I've scratch-built some industrial pipes (as discussed here)

...I still got about 2 days left to get ready for Saturday's Shadow War: Armageddon try out.. Only, I haven't read the rules yet nor built the stats of my kill team. I plan to do so tomorrow (Friday) night.

That will just leave me tonight as all I had left to finish off more terrain. Last night, I decided I can do a quick paint job of Micro Arts Studio Tau Ceti Power plant. I have no idea what this setting this is for, but if I had to guess, it would be the Tau from 40k.

I have these three other small Tau Ceti vents as well.


This thing is made of hardfoam but I was not sure how it would react to being spray-painted. I know styrofoam reacts badly, so I tested it out last night from it's bottom with some spray cans..

..and it worked fine. No deterioration in the hardfoam. I then spray painted it grey..

but I realized it looks uninspiring.. I have plenty of grey stone terrain and didn't want even my sci-fi terrain to be grey looking.. So I suped it up by re-spray painting it last night in this glossy blue to make it look like.. I don't know.. it was made of plasti-steel and such.

Tonight, I'm out of time, so without any fancy highlighting, I painted the cracks in this fluorescent orange to make it look like throbbing sci-fi energy and then did a light blue highlight for the top.  I also resisted the urge for once to not dirty it up and make it look worn out and rusted. A clean utopia style power plant.

That's it. The three other minor Tau Ceti vents will have to wait.  I'm done. Tomorrow night after work, it's reading the rules.

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