Friday, March 3, 2017

Solitaire Play: Star Wars Wookie boxing match using Alien Fight Night rules

About a year ago, I did a joke conversion of an Imperial Assault Wookie warrior into a boxer and named him Slugbacca.

I painted him pretty quick and didn't think I'd ever get to use him on the tabletop.. I just did it as a joke..

Well, after my solitaire fun doing a Star Trek Gamesters of Triskelion gladiator fight last week using Red Sun Blue Moon rules, I went back to the Two Hour Wargames site to see what other goodies they have and spotted an alien boxing rules .pdf for $5, called 5150 Alien Fight Night; 5150 being the company's campaign setting for their sci-fi rule sets.

So I bought it.

I am by now familiar with the company's "reaction" system as it lends itself to solitaire play, like this boxing game. The rules are thus pretty easy to learn.

Only I didn't have an opponent for our dear Slugbacca to try out, so I scoured my cheap plastics in my lead pile and came across a $2 Reaper bones spider-like Arachnoid warrior.

Boom.. Good enough for me, so I converted him by cutting off his sword and shield and greenstuffed some boxing gloves.

I also didn't have a boxing ring and wasn't about to use the 2D one in the back of the rules, so I dug into my supplies - cork, wire, and a plain $2 wooden board- and built a sci-fi boxing ring, only instead of normal ropes, I used bent wire and electric blue paint to simulate "force-field" ropes...

I put together the ring pretty fast.. even with drying, it took less than an hour and a half.

The boxing ring did not have to be large nor require hexes, etc, as the only movement in the game is being in the centre, "on the ropes" and "in the corner."

It's an early fight in Slugbacca's career, long before SUPERFIGHT II, when he just had a low fame points of 4 in game terms.

An up and coming club fighter early in his career, Slugbacca fights in dingy clubs across the Outer Rim, pocketing some credits here and there, until he could catch a break and fight big time, on say, Coruscant..

Tonight's fight card is brought to you by Gordella the Hutt..

Ten Rounds of Heavyweight goodness!

The bruiser vs the boxer.. Who will win?

Referee gives his instructions.

All in all, an enjoyable game. Lots of dice to roll of course, typical of a Two Hour Wargame, but enjoyable solitaire play with enough tension to keep it interesting.

May do it again with different aliens, after converting them of course. 


  1. Thanks for posting. One of my favorite games and under utilized.

  2. Thanks Ed... I think it's under appreciated as well.