Friday, March 24, 2017

Solitaire play: Star Trek Holodeck gladiator fight .. Klingon vs Holo Skeleton

I had a bit of fun last time using the solitaire miniature Red Sands, Black Moon gladiator rules from Two Hour Wargames....

..which I adopted for Star Trek (as discussed here)..

I'm a big Star Trek TOS fan, so I want to try again in the universe, only this time, try something other than the planet Triskelion..

Now, I have to admit I am not a big TNG, Voyager, DS9 fan.. I hated TNG for the first couple of years it aired, and it took me well over a decade to accept and now, finally like, the spinoffs. However, right at the beginning in 1987, despite my initial burning hatred of TNG, what I did like about it were the holodecks... As a FASA Star Trek RPG gamemaster in the 1980s, my mind kept racing in the late 80s / early 90s on hosting holodeck RPG missions, though it never came to pass..

The idea still intrigues me.

My RPG days are long gone...but when you still have FASA Star Trek RPGing in the back of your mind, 30 years later, and trying to scratch that itch, you improvise..
With some cardboard and foamboard, I made a holodeck easily enough, using a 1 square inch grid pattern...

I dug out some minis and arranged the fight, using the Red Sands Black Moon stats.. A Klingon vs a holodeck monster, in this case, a classic skeleton.

The Klingon is a 28mm "ridged rim alien" from Space Vixens from Mars, which I painted up..

The Skeleton is a classic Reaper skeleton..

I've discovered doing this scenario that I still love Star Trek RPGing, after nearly 30 years, and had a blast "RPG"ing this encounter... Aaah, if only it was the 80s again, and I could still GM FASA Star Trek... lol..

Anyways, let the fight begin..


Klaargh yearns for a glorious death, but as a technician on a space station for a mining conglomerate, his only escape from all this galactic peace is the holosuites. Things were more glorious in his grandfather's day alas....

He doesn't lease the holosuites on this station for sex, as most of the dregs of many races passing through here do, but instead to hone his skill with the bat'leth, the two handed sword of his people.

He usually plays rough but ultimately safe fights against holograms, but today, Klaargh yearns for more... he wants to push himself, to taste victory or death.. anything to escape the drudgery of.. well.. all this inaction..

Today, he will override the safety protocols whether it is legal or not.. to hell with local laws anyway... He programed his Holodeck monster to have above average swordsmanship, and to be harder to hit..

Today, when he wins, it will be glorious.. but first, business with the toady holosuite owner, a Ferengi, to grease the wheels of glory..

Entering the holosuite, Klaargh felt a wave of anticipation...



  1. The minstrels will sing songs of this glorious battle... well the holo-minstrels anyway.

  2. I enjoy how you find more and more uses for RSBM. Thanks for posting. Is it okay if I pass these on?

  3. Really enjoyed the comic book style batrep. And that it is Star Trek is just icing on the cake. :)

    1. Thanks. I've discovered that I would have enjoyed being a comic book writer.