Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Workbench: An asteroid base or outpost for X-Wing, Armada, Attack Wing and other space games

I want to do more space battles in 2017 but the only terrain I have is some asteroids I bought as well as greenstuffed using milliput, which I used in an Attack Wing battle I did.

However, I am a "terrain junkie" and am always looking to spruce up the tabletop, so I decided to do more but not want to do more asteroids. I decided therefore to do an asteroid base / outpost, depending on the size (capital ship vs fighter battles).

I had some parts from an AMT Star Trek space station K-7 kit... I decided to bash something together with some clay, cork and other stuff, and see what I can come up with. Nothing too crazy, as lots of clay can get heavy.

 I put it together in 2 different "floors" of the base, with the top part to be a landing platform..

After letting the clay harden, I worked little by little every night while watching YouTube this week..

At the last minute, I remembered I had a translucent dome from a craft store, so I threw that in on top.

And voila.. good enough for space battles.

I suppose I could have went gangbusters with the decals and stuff, but decided to leave it generic looking. Could be a starbase, a pirate outpost, a smuggler's little hideaway.. you name it, as is.

When playing a space battle, it should blend in nicely with all the ships buzzing around her.

A minor job, but enjoyable to do.

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