Sunday, March 19, 2017

Another terrain piece built out of a Pizza Crisper: my workbench

I spent an enjoyable but long marathon yesterday playing the cube-pusher euro game Through the Ages again with my friends Jim and Pixie..

I described the game before in some detail, and it was pretty much the same. For a Civ game, its good, despite being abstract. Unfortunately, cube pushers don't let themselves well to exciting blogging, so I am just glossing over it here.

This morning, I woke up bleary eyed and went and finished one of my remaining terrain pieces built out of a pizza crisper. Last time, I built a landing pad with one, as discussed here.

As mentioned last time, I used some Halloween props when I started to build my pizza crisper fantasy piece..

I wanted to use this terrain as a fantasy altar, but also as perhaps a gladiator arena of sorts, when playing on stone settings.

I once built fantasy domes out of clay, which I formed with a cookie cutter template (as discussed here)..

 So I dug up the template again, and started making "stone slabs"...

which I then glued on to the pizza crisper in a hodge-podge fashion, as primitive people did..

After the clay thoroughly dried out, I then primed it black..

Grey and white dry-brushing and highlights were then applied..

 I had some evil altar basing pieces, which I then painted in red into the "magical" etchings first...

 then highlighted gray and white again on them..

Glued the basing pieces on with some crazy glue and some green stuff.. I put the excess greenstuff on the rim instead of wasting it..

Added some white glue on the rim..

And finally, flocked the rim with gravel..

Not bad at all..

On to the next project..


  1. That's one cool looking pizza tray!

    Well done :)

  2. Those last two shots ... just wow. I would never have guessed their true origins if I did not read your blog post. :)

  3. Thanks. Yeah, pizza crispers. :-)

  4. You make the coolest stuff for gaming! Wish had that kind of talent--well done sir.