Saturday, February 4, 2017

Playing Camp Grizzly.. A tongue-in-cheek horror tropefest..

After Jeff, Jim and I finished playing Blood Rage today (as discussed here), we continued the afternoon by trying out this very tongue-in-cheek ode to 1970s slasher films, a la Friday the 13th and such, called Camp Grizzly, by Ameritrash Games.

Camp Grizzly being a summer camp for teens with a mad killer, Otis, on the loose.

A hard-to-find game apparently, but Jeff managed to get it from someone off a Boardgamegeek trade.

I admit I haven't seen too many of these types of slasher movies, but I am familiar with the tropes of the genre..

This game is very light, and does not take itself seriously as it tries to spoof the slasher genre..

I mean, I have never seen a game that lists "Girl's Shower" as a play area before..

...nor requiring characters to "make out," let alone in the middle of a camp with a madman running around..

..nor having a character be a virgin, with a roll to see if he or she stays a virgin in the game..A roll of 1 or 2 on a d10, and your character is a virgin no more.. lol..

All in good tongue-in-cheek fun..

The map is a summer camp like a said..

complete with characters straight out of those old slasher movies..

My character was the "loner" by the way...

Otis, the madman, is insane and killing people, growing powerful as the body count rises..

He disfigures people.....

(Get it.. chiseled features)

and mutilates them as well.. Here for example, he seems to disapprove of masturbation..

Otis has a bear fetish and wears a bear mask in place of a hockey-mask, but the insanity is the same as Freddy or Jason..

We were running around the camp busy being chased by Otis throughout the game..

Like a lot of horror games, we used common everyday items when we found them..

However, we were really trying to find material to get away (gas canisters for the van, cranks, keys, etc)..

In our game, we found all the material for the van, which allowed us to do the Van Finale, but not before Otis gave it to the old college try to stop us.

He killed off one of our characters, and attacked the rest of us just as we were reaching the Van Finale area..

He was close to winning the game, as Otis had 11/ 13 body count points to win..

Luckily, we got away and entered into the Van Finale phase of the game. The back of the van card required us to do one final fight with a jealous boyfriend named Eddie and his goons, avoid being driven over by Eddie, and finally deciding to kill the jealous boyfriend or not (which we decided to).

After the game, we noticed there was another Van finale, with a different adventure that involved a cliff.. Perhaps we can try that one again in another game..provided we get all the material for the Van finale..

The Barn, Range Tower and Barn finale each have their own post-Otis challenges to meet as well.

All in all, a fun light game that can be used at a party even with non-gamers.  The closest game I can think of was Horrorclix, where you play the monsters and grow powerful by killing the Pizza Boy, Cheerleader, etc and other stock characters of the slasher genre. The same kind of dark humour was in Horroclix, but not to the same extent as Camp Grizzly.

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  1. A moment of silence for Jeff's character who gave his life so that the rest of us could live... perhaps to atone for so soundly thrashing us during Blood Rage!