Friday, February 10, 2017

My workbench: Wedding Cake Dummies make for good fantasy buildings

In a recent post, I was using kids' dollar store shields for use with fantasy terrain.

Anyways, I cut out this dragon emblem from the shield..

..only I did not know what to do with it as it was fairly large.

However, I was at a food bulk store the other day and noticed these round styrofoam things called cake dummies..

I bought a 12 inch one for under $10 and went home to google what a cake dummy is. Apparently, when chefs are too lazy to make a cake, they cut corners and layer cream and stuff on this styrofoam, for decorative purposes.

Whatever.......this stuff is great for making hills and such.. However, I decided to experiment since this was my first time with these cake dummies and make a fantasy building out of it, for Frostgrave, etc.

With this one 12 inch cake dummy, I made 2 buildings though.

Building # 1

I had an idea to put the dragon emblem on top of the building, but first I needed to make it look like it was made out of blocks of course.

Last time, when I made these fantasy domes, I layered on clay...

I didn't want to do it this time for something that is 12 inches long, so I decided to etch in lines instead, making sure the square "block" is three squared centimeters.

After I etched lines using a pen, I used my foam cutter to deepen the lines and also decided to cut about 1/3rd to make another building using the foam cutter, as I thought this "building" was way too big.

After that, I painted it in stone gray, added doors and windows and put on the dragon emblem.

Not bad..

Building # 2

When I sliced off part of building 1, I was left with a half moon shape. I decided to stand it up and cut off a part to put on a door and to make it look it weird and curved, as my domes above.

I also added this saber tooth tiger head I used unsuccessfully on another terrain project to make this building more fantasy-ish..

As building # 1, I painted it stone gray and added windows and a metal door. 

All in all, I'm pleased with my cake dummy experiment. This did not take long. I might add a chimney to them later if I have time.

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