Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Workbench: Terminator Rebels

In an earlier post, I gagged on the crap minis that came with Terminator: Genisys the Miniature Game..

so I searched around and painted some packs of Copplestone Terminators ..

as well for the opposing side, some Copplestone bikers and some Reaper sculpts..

I also built an Aerial HK from Pegasus Hobbies..

Anyways, I wanted to flesh out the Human resistance, and needed some John Connor troops. If you recall in the movie, they have uniforms (though how they are supplied beats me)..

I looked around and got some Copplestone sculpts (again) that are near future Jungle troops..

So, I based them and later added an RPG-firing trooper from CP Models...

I won't bore you with painting troops. I find painting modern day troopers boring to be honest, and didn't bother taking photos of the step by step process. It is a bit of drudgery when you don't paint what you like. Scumbag scavengers and survival civilians, no problem, but my heart was not into boring troopers for some reason.

Anyways, here are my human soldiers that I can use for Terminator, and I imagine, a host of other genres. I didn't want to make them just various shades of green, so I put some burnt sienna colour in their webbing and packs.

If you squint, you can see the pulse rifles in the 40 mega watt range (wink).

Add my bikers/scavengers and I now have enough for both sides of the War Against the Machine.

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