Sunday, February 26, 2017

My workbench: Scratchbuilding another Star Trek Gamesters of Triskelion arena

For the gladiator fight that arose from building this terrain, please click here

I wanted to get back into some solitaire play with my inter-dimensional Gamesters of Triskelion campaign.. the premise being that the Triskelion Providers/Gamesters pluck thralls from across dimensions for their continued amusement.

I played it once before..

..only, I don't have that terrain anymore, so I decided to build another.

The first question is, what colour is the arena, green or blue, as there is a discrepancy and I couldn't remember why I chose blue last time.

Watching the episode again, in the final fight, Captain Kirk is instructed not to step in the blue area..

So, blue it is.

I painted a board yellow. Then, I traced out the shapes on cardboard first, cut them out, and then traced the shapes on the yellow..

Last time, I didn't notice that the triangle in the centre is not pointing directly to the top, but at about 11 o'clock..

So, I made mine about 11 o'clock as well.

After tracing out the shapes, I then taped it for spray-painting....

The Triskelion arena has these white benches, so I took some old cavalry bases and glued wooden blocks from the dollar store underneath, and then later painted them white.

I added some blood splatter, then worked on the "frame" of the arena, using these plasticard strips...

 I painted them brown and added some greenstuff at the bottom before securing them.

I must have measured one of the frames wrong, and it is sticking out on the left..

However, I planned to put something there to hide it, like spare shields to cover it.

I added the benches..

 and finally, covered up that corner with some equipment.

and I'm done..

I still prefer my original arena, but this is good enough..

I'm using the Red Sand, Blue Moon rules as it's ideal for gladiator solitaire-play, but it has a grid in it's arena.

I might use a variety of gladiator rules, so I don't want to permanently make my terrain just for RSBM. So, like last time, I took some see-through acrylic paper and drew the grid in, which I'll then overlay on the arena.

And that's it.. May the s.s.s.s.s.s.s.slaughter begin..

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