Sunday, February 12, 2017

My workbench: DIY 1 hour fantasy rubble

I've been playing some Frostgrave, the premise of which, is fantasy wizards battling it out in this thawing Altantis-esque ancient city that was destroyed. I'm therefore on the lookout for fantasy rubble (but without vegetation on it.)

I saw this toy at the dollar store that makes 5 different animal calls if you press the button. I bought it for $3 just for the bear head.

I broke off the head and mounted it on a foam wall, which I also damaged and primed it black by hand as the styrofoam wall prohibits using a spray can.

As the black primer was drying, I took a CD (which you can buy by the ton at the dollar store for a song), and mounted some gray clay.

After the primer dried, I dried on first gray and then some dashes of white on the bear head.

In a previous post, I cut up kid's plastic shields and swords sold at the dollar store, and thus had spare cut-up parts from that still.

This piece is actually part of a toy sword hilt, for instance. I will use that to prop up the "fallen bear head and wall"

As the clay was hardening, I put on splashes of brown paint, and mounted the bear head and various other pieces I had laying around, leaving enough room for a miniature to get past and hide behind.

There you go. I now have some more modular fantasy rubble I can lay down anywhere. It took about 1 hour from start to finish.

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