Sunday, January 8, 2017

Two sessions of our Frostgrave (permanently cooperative) campaign

My friend Jeff and I yesterday continued with our Frostgrave campaign, but we decided to make it permanently cooperative given our enjoyment of the official cooperative scenarios we recently played. We just tweaked the official monster spawning rules from before.

Our generic scenario mechanism going forward was 3 monsters were to be generated every turn, with an additional monster potentially being spawned on a roll of 16 + whenever treasure was picked up. All monsters, if no LOS to any of our wizards or troops, will then wander in a clock direction determined randomly by a d12 (but be stopped by walls and such). Monsters would be generated on either of the four sides of the battlefield, and our guys can exit accordingly, on either of the four sides.

I got my Frostgrave Litko tokens, which I now used for the first time..

and I also, since last time, made my own cards in MS Word by cutting and pasting googled images to make potion, items and spell cards for both me and Jeff.

In game 1, we decided to have 5 guys each for a total of 10 and go in and swoop into the ol' city for treasure on a generic mission.

I brought along my wizard, Niccolaides, the apprentice Aggron, a Man-At-Arms, a Crossbowman and Thug, extra equipped as follows:

Niccolaides:  1 Potion of Healing, 1 Fate Stone and 1 Ring of Teleportation
Aggron: 1 Potion of Fire Breath, 1 Scroll (Fast Act) and 1 Fate Stone.
Man-At-Arms (MAA):  1 Elixir of Speed
Crossbowman (CB): 1 Poison potion
Thug: 1 Explosive Cocktail.

I now had an opportunity to use some of my homemade terrain that I built (as discussed here, here and here) for both sessions. In session 1, I employed my fallen Raven statue as well as my fallen Snake Temple statue.

Turn 1 was uneventful, though we generated 1 wild dog, 2 skeletons and 2 giant rats., all on the North end away from us.

It was quiet, too quiet, as my guys reached the fallen Raven statue...

On Turn 2, we generated 2 more wolves, a werewolf and a small construct, the latter two being near me and attacking.

Both of them attacked my MAA who was lagging behind on rough ground, severally damaging him, taking 10 points of damage (he only had a starting health of 12).

Meanwhile Jeff is in his usual cakewalk mode, just dealt with 2 wild dogs.

On turn 3, I had my Thug throw his Explosive Cocktail behind the two monsters, but he rolled badly and did not scratch the two. That was a waste of 50 gold pieces..

My Crossbowman fired a bolt, but though it hits the werewolf barely, it bounced off the armour.. ...claaang.. My MAA attacked the werewolf as well, but was ineffective. Lastly, my apprentice fired a Bone Dart spell, but missed..

This was getting bad..

I send back a trooper to give my MAA a flanking bonus..

Meanwhile, la-dee-da.. after dealing with the two dogs, Jeff neared a treasure token at the snake statue ruins...

On turn 4, we generated 2 ice toads near Jeff..

while I got two ice spiders near me on top of what I had to deal with. (We did not have 2 spider miniatures readily available, so we used giant centipedes instead to represent them).

I found I was getting besieged here, as even the august person of my wizard, trying to hide behind the fallen Raven head statue, was under attack by a skeleton we earlier generated.

My Crossbowman had problems of his own, fending off the two centipedes (ice spiders) and could no longer help back there with the werewolf and construct. To make matters worse, he had to reload.

Jeff was starting to feel the pressure as well, as those deadly ice toads were attacking his guys..

Speaking of Jeff, his apprentice went back to help my MAA fighting the construct and werewolf, by firing off an Elemental Bolt into the melee, which per the rules is assigned a random hit to anyone. Jeff managed to roll such that it hits by mistake, my severally weakened MAA and knocked him out of the game. I'll rolled later to see if he dies or is injured.

Thanks, Jeff, thanks.

My thug that I sent back to help the MAA died fighting the Construct.

Some good news... My apprentice helped out the master, by killing the skeleton with a bone dart and my crossbowman killed one of the spiders.

On this turn, we generated another ice toad, 4 giant rats and 1 white gorilla, all up North..  Jeff and I were slowly finding ourselves overrun..

On turn 5, it dawned on me .. wait a minute..I'm a warlock and I have the Control Animal spell...

I quickly used the spell on a wild dog, and after making the rolls and counter rolls, controlled him.

My apprentice did the same to the remaining ice spider... and quickly took control of its feeble mind.

Meanwhile the construct was reaching the raven ruins and the werewolf was attacking my crossbowman.

I "sicced" the dog on the Construct, and sicced the ice spider on the werewolf...

We killed the Construct, which was down to 1 HT anyway when it got to the Raven ruins. However, we generated 2 wild dogs, 1 snow leopard and 1 large construct this turn. The two dogs were near me and they attacked my crossbowman while we were trying to finish off the werewolf....

Jeff had his hands full as well, fighting off a large construct..

On turn 7, I thought.. I'm outta this scenario as were being overrun.. I used my ring of teleportation to move 8 inches near the board, and then exited my wizard.

My apprentice sicced the dog on the werewolf but the dog got killed.

I then had the Control Animal spell successfully used on a wild dog and then sicced him as well on the werewolf as I inched my apprentice closer to the entrance as I wanted him to leave as well.. My mercenary troops would have to fend for themselves.

Jeff on the other side in the meantime was still having a very tough time with that large construct...

As much as I wanted to exit though, I found my way blocked by a generated skeleton randomly located near me..

The werewolf knocked out my crossbowman, and I now found my apprentice attacked by the skeleton and a weakened werewolf, just as I wanted to exit.

I killed the skeleton and the werewolf managed to miss me.. On the next turn, miracle of miracles, I managed to kill him and limped off the board.

Man, werewolves are tough in Frostgrave.

Jeff managed to kill the Large Construct as well and managed to exit also.

Post game, all my fallen guys lived, but my crossbowman was injured and out of the next fight.

After calculating experience and collecting and spending gold, we did another session, which I will just highlight.  I bought more rings of teleportation, potions of healing and the "Gloves of Strength" and equipped them on my guys for the second session.

We decided that for game 2, we should bring 7 guys each into the fight, as we were besieged and outnumbered in the first game.

I brought along the following guys:

I had no crossbowman this turn, so it will all have to be magic and HTH..

We changed terrain, and I managed to put more of my homemade statues and fantasy domes for this session.

With more troops, I was starting to feel game 2 was more of a cakewalk at first as I had nothing near me at first when I reached the "Hero" Statue..

I quickly picked up treasure with no opposition..

while Jeff just had a skeleton to deal with..

on his way to picking up treasure himself..

However, then we started to generate bears and other unpleasant things..  A bear attacked my Templar guy early on...

while rats and ice toads swarmed all over Jeff's troops near the fallen "Eagle" statue..

It took half my guys to fight off the bear, who was joined by generated skeleton and snow leopard...

To cut a long story short, I was besieged again, and my guys were fighting long and hard.. I lost several guys fighting off monsters..

with new big monsters generating near me, as this new bear did near my apprentice..

Luckily, I made my Control Animal spell and the bear failed his will, so I controlled him and sent him to help my guys out..

My wizard at one point was heading for treasure, but one of my guys nearby found himself besieged by two monsters. If he fell, one of the monsters was going to go after my wizard, which is a risk that I would rather not take.. 

Just before my wizard exited, he successfully made his Wall spell to help out my trooper as well, blocking out the monsters. My wizard exited, and my trooper picked up that last treasure.

My apprentice did the same, helping out a trooper while leaving the controlled bear to fend for himself. I built a wall to help my trooper who I also wanted to exit.

He was the last guy to exit and using all his movement, he was just short of exiting when, horribly, an Ice worm generated near him.

This thing is very tough and moved fast and was on top of him preventing escape.

In the next round however, by some fluke, I won the combat (but no damage to the worm however). However, per the rules, I "pushed" myself out of the battlefield and exited.

Phew.. cooperative is not easy. Two tough games.

A pleasant evening though. Thumbs up.


  1. Great looking games. That snake statue: urgh! It's brilliant.

  2. Thanks. I'm kinda proud of the snake statue as I just took a $3 rubber snake from the dollar store and just cut it up.

  3. This is pretty much D&D you know :-)

  4. Shhhhh....

    As you know, Craig, I didn't play much of TSR stuff 35 years ago, as I was focusing on space opera mostly. This is my last and only hurrah in fantasy.