Saturday, December 17, 2016 enjoyable sports boardgame

My friend Jeff recently acquired on ebay the sports game Slaughterball (by a company called - get this- Frog The What Games) with all it's kickstarter extras..

I don't mind sports games even though in real life, I don't watch a lot of sports. So I've tried out sports games in the past. I have played Blood Bowl over the years, and recently bought the latest version of it (see my BB unboxing here).  I liked Dreadball as well but absolutely loathed Kaosball in my one and only play of the game (which I detail here.)

Still, always willing to give new games a shot.

We played 2 games tonight, one with the basic rules and one with the team skills that certain types of players may have. The game has four types of players that can be identified by the geometric shape of their bases.

  • Razors, which are good ball players, represented by a circular base. 
  • Cleavers and Slashers are mid-tier players, in between being agile ball players and muscle, as represented by a star and hexagon base respectively. 
  • Butchers are big hulking brutes which are slow but pack the bruising capabilities, as evidenced by a square base. 

The basic game  has two map boards which represents a steel pit, where teams of sci fi types well.. slaughter each other.. in a basketball or perhaps a Jai Alai type of game.  There are points for scoring it in the hoop or hole in the wall of course, but also points for knocking down and hurting players.

The sculpts are not very detailed and are typical boardgame-quality soft plastic..

However, the star player miniatures that must have come from the kickstarter seemed to be better sculpted.

Wonky dice with strange symbols .... with the blade symbol the one we were aiming for with every roll..

 The mapboard is nice though, with plenty of room to maneuver. 

The guy Jeff bought it off did the kickstarter as I mentioned, so Jeff had all the extra goodies.. extra teams, new maps..

I was amused at the "Tom Vasel" star player card (Tom Vasel in case you don't know, is a famous game reviewer).

But I digress.. My friends Jeff, Jim and I just played the core 3 player game version tonight, twice.

The game I found was very luck-based, with an enjoyable mechanic typical of sports games that gets the ball scattering all over the place..

As the ball was always scattering, one had to constantly shift tactics and pay attention to score..

.... and while you're trying to get the ball to score, you have to keep an eye on opportunities to bash the other guy for points as well.

Our game saw lots of knocked-down players with piled up the bodies in the pit and in the slaughter pen that represents hurt players..

You can also attack prone players to get them injured, but risk going to the penalty box if the other player has the right card.

 Speaking of cards, they add options to one's tactics..

Luckily, game play is balanced with the cards and there are not too many "gotcha" cards like this fumble card..

though you\ll need cards to get out of the slaughter pen and the penalty box..

Anyways, in both games but especially in the second one, scoring was close and it was a toss up at the end on who would win.

Thumbs up! I enjoyed Slaughterball.

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  1. A pretty good go even though I am not a fan of sports games in general. I like the mechanic that the lowest score player has some influence over the ball scatter.