Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My workbench: Flash Point firemen miniatures

My friend P. recently bought a boardgame for her kids called Flash Point: Fire Rescue and she asked me to paint up the firemen that came with game..

I don't own the game myself, but did not mind painting them if it will give the kids a smidgen more enjoyment.

The minis are simple soft-plastic sculpts typical of boardgames..

In other words, not much to work with.. Still, I gave it the old college try..

Primed them up easily enough and decided to copy the box cover, putting the firemen in yellow.

I won't bore you with the details as there is not much to work with. It is a boardgame after all, with a need to differentiate the meeples, so I decided to paint their helmets and canister on their back in different colours.

I promised P. that I would put something on their bases to spruce things up, but I found the firemen's legs and holding the hose mid-chest make it too hard to put something on the base.. I thus couldn't put anything significant on their base even though I had plenty of crates and fences and such that I was willing to cut up.

I also didn't want to rebase the firemen as they are not my minis and also, I don't know how much or how little space they need to play the game.

So, decided to add "smoke" using cotton balls.

A little black spray paint to add to the smoke effect.. 

and added glue to their bases in order to pin the "smoke."

And voila..

Did not take very long and I hope the kids' enjoyment of the game is enhanced.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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