Thursday, November 24, 2016

My workbench: Painting up some Amera Plastic Mouldings islands

Came home tonight after work and decided to do some painting, but nothing too demanding. I bought these Amera Plastic Mouldings uncharted seas island set (I think from Nobleknight) a while back and decided to paint them up as islands are not too demanding to paint..

They seem to be vacuum formed very light islands, hollow on the inside. Cheap and detailed enough I think for naval gaming.

I cut them out and left some room for shallow water as some naval games make a distinction between deep and shallow water.

I primed them with some black and brown paint..

After that, I just highlighted from black to various shades of gray, ending in dashes of white..

Then I painted the beach and shallow water in a light blue..

I was undecided at first to paint some green but decided to flock it instead as I think it looks way better. I left some traces of brown or black primer underneath to make it look more realistic as if you were looking down flying overhead from a plane.

Boom. Finished in less than 2 hours, and that included the time for the prime paint to dry.

I'm a bit surprised how fast this took but am pleased with the results.