Sunday, October 2, 2016

Painted up some Bikers and other modern, post- apoc types

Not much to report. Painted up some figures real quickly this weekend.

I want to get into post-apoc gaming, so I needed some biker, rogues, rapscallions, ne'er-do-wells outside the law, survivor types.

I picked up 3 Reapers 

Mike Noe, Biker Boss

Rex, Dark Future hero (looks like Mad Max to me)..

Reaper's Post-Apocalyptic Hunter.

and a packet of 5 Copplestone Bikers.

I painted the four males only this time around.

That's a total of 7 minis, which is a lot of work for me to cram in on the weekend. .

I quickly based them and primed them in a bright white..

I did the skin of all of them at once.. In the old days, it would have taken me about 5-10 hours per mini to paint them, but I was using every trick in the book to paint all 7 this weekend.. using inks. etc.

I was not going for world class painting, but good enough to get my buddies' asses over to play some post-apoc. They are a lot less fussy than me when it comes to paint jobs. When I first got into painting, I would spend hours and hours trying to perfect a paintjob that few people, even with a blown-up picture on Coolmini would appreciate. So I am slowly letting go of such perfectionism.

I do have some personal standards though, and ensured there was light-medium-and dark shading of every colour.

Progression went along pretty quick..

I like how Copplestone sculpted the hairy chest on this guy.. hilarious.

Anyways, I will continue with the post-apoc stuff and more paintjobs are to be done!