Saturday, October 22, 2016

My workbench: Mantic's 20th Century Brick City modular block ruins sure are fiddly but worth it.

Continuing on with my crash work on building up some post-apoc terrain, I got Mantic's brick city ruins.

I opened up the kit and found no decals and no instructions..

However, it's soon easy enough to piece together as there 3 types of fasteners, a long piece, and corner piece and a small horizontal piece..

I was worried that I was going to run out of the small horizontal ones at first, but when I started to use the large horizontal ones more and more, I had enough, though I couldn't do every single connection, just the important ones. 

The pieces are very modular and you can build anything you want.. whole buildings or just walls.. and is fully scalable...  There are two sides, one brick, and the other plain or what I assume was a concrete side.. I did all but one in brick..

I found it best at first to lay out what I wanted before gluing things together..

The hard part in the beginning I found was assembling the buildings.. I found things kept popping out at first, and for my first building, I had to use green stuff on the unseen inside of the building to keep the walls intact..

However, I soon figured out if you do the corners first, it all locks into place easy after that..

The only tricky part really is fastening the ceiling on complete buildings.. takes some patience, but it should not be a problem for veteran modelers.

Once it is complete, buildings are pretty steady and very solid.. 

Walls are even easier to make..

Before you know it, you got yourself a city block..Very fiddly at first, but the end result is not bad..

Painting was done quickly...

I found my brick colour was too bright and "happy" for post-apoc, so I dirtied it up a bit, though I may have overdone it. It's still fine.

On the flipside of the walls..

As I said, I did all but one in brick. The concrete one had me remember I bought this fast food lip balm a while back for just such an eventuality. I had a kitbashing idea.. 

I drilled a hole on the bottom burger and pinned it to plastic to stick it on the concrete building after drilling a hole in it. My plan was to turn it into a fast food joint from the old pre-apoc days.. I stuck the fries on the front part of the building.. 

I also had some plasticard and foam letter stickers, so I made a sign.. I was trying to decide what to call my little restaurant and finally settled on "Burger Hut"..

It all came together nicely..

Please feel free to vote on this at Coolmini, with 1 the lowest, 10 the highest and 5 good enough for tabletop play, here.

The kit comes with a whole pile of street furniture (stop signs, telephones, mailboxes, etc), but I'll paint them another time..

Good kit, Mantic.


  1. Nice work, particularly the burger hut. It would be nice if the connectors were a little less prominent, but that is the cost of modular.

  2. I agree L., about the connectors. Too prominent.

    Thanks for the kind words.